100 Questions that have no answers (Thought provoking & deep)

There are many questions in this world that have no answers and are difficult to answer, but there are some that no one can answer, regardless of how hard they try.

What gives meaning to our lives, if we all die anyway at some point? Why am I me and not someone else? What is the proof of the soul leaving the body after death? Are some of the mind blowing questions that don’t have answers yet.

These unanswerable questions will keep you up at night as you ponder their existence, wondering why they can’t be answered and what it means if they can’t be.

If you find yourself up at night with these same questions that don’t have answers, here are 100 of them to keep you thinking about everything else.

100 Questions that have no answers


Here is a list of questions that have no answer:

1. Are we living in a simulation?

One of the hardest philosophical questions to answer right now is whether or not everything we experience – the world, the life inside it – is actually just part of someone else’s computer simulation.

Philosophers such as Nick Bostrom and writers such as Kurt Vonnegut have suggested that we might be living inside someone else’s game like World of Warcraft, but there hasn’t been evidence to back up this idea yet.

2. Can somebody make sense of our seemingly nonsensical universe?

After the collapse of string theory, physicists found themselves without the ability to unify physics.

With no single mathematical framework, most physicists, including string theorists, admit that it is very unlikely that anybody could create an ultimate theory.

Nowadays, many physicists focus on phenomena rather than trying to tackle the big picture. Nevertheless, unanswered questions linger.

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3. When we have to die, why do we have to be born?

Another one of the most mysterious questions for humans to answer. This question has no answer yet and can’t be answered as of now.

Some people say that this is a blessing, but for the rest of us, it’s just a pain.

4. Is there any way to overcome death?

Death is something that no one can stop. As long as we are in this world, we are faced with the unavoidable fate of someday dying.

It’s a question that makes people fearful because it means there is nothing that we can do to escape it. But who knows, maybe humans will find a way to get rid of death in the distant future.

5. Where do thoughts come from?

We often take for granted the origins of thoughts. Sometimes we are afraid to question it, so we ignore it altogether.

If only we knew where our ideas come from, maybe they wouldn’t be so scary. Unfortunately, that’s one question that’ll always remain unanswered.

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Deep Questions that don’t have answers (philosophical and life questions)


Here is a list of crazy Deep questions that have no answer:

1. What gives meaning to our lives, if we all die anyway at some point?

2. What happens to consciousness after death?

3. How does the brain process death?

4. What is the proof of the soul leaving the body after death?

5. Why do people hear their name being called when they are near death?

6. Is there life after death?

7. Do animals have souls or spirits?

8. Can anyone answer these questions that no one can answer?

9. What makes death inevitable? 

10. What happens if we do not die forever?

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Funny questions that don’t have answers


Here is a great list of some very good funny questions that have no answer at all:

1. Did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?

2. Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of a bottle?

3. Why is it called after dark when it really is after light?

4. Why are flounder flat, if they live on the floor of sea’s??

5. Why was six afraid of seven?

6. What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?

7. Why can’t women put on mascara with their mouth closed?

8. What is worse than finding a worm in your apple?

9. How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work?

10. What is that never comes back?

11. If money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

12. Why is there braille on drive-through ATMs?

13. Do fish get cramps after eating?

14. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

15. If no one knows anything, why does everyone fights for everything?

Random questions that have no answer

Here is a list of Strange Random Questions that have no right answers

1. Why do we exist in the first place?

2. What is the purpose of insects’ lives?

3. Can you control your after life?

4. What makes us actually humans?

5. Why do we need to be born?

6. Is it possible to die in a dream?

7. Why do questions that have no answers always seem so important?

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Stupid questions that have no answers

The following are some of the silly, dumb and stupid questions that have no answers:

1. Why doesn’t the sky don’t fall on us? 

2. What if stars born out of existence’s romance? 

3. Why do people talk too much? 

4. Why does no one know anything? 

5. Why do animals live in the rainforest? 

6. What is a snowflake made of? 

7. How does wind happen? 

8. Why is water wet?

9. Where does light come from when it shines through a window or breaks through the clouds on a rainy day?

10. Why are you, you not any other?

Weird questions that have no answers

Here are some confusing and weird questions that have no answers:

1. Why do some people claim they have seen ghosts and others haven’t?

2. Why doesn’t everything fall into the center of the Earth? 

3. Why does anything exist at all? 

4. When you see the sky at night, how do you know your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you?

5. Where did the whole universe come from?

6. What is the true meaning of everything?

7. Does consciousness even exist?

8. Why are there so many questions about death and what comes next?

9. Why am I me?

10. What is the future by the way, if time itself doesn’t exist?

Bible questions that have no answers


Here is a list of Christianity and Bible questions that have no answers as of now. However, you can research and find those answers in the holy book.

1.  What was the Tree of Life?

2. What are cherubim?

3. What is a cherub’s wing span?

4. Why did Cain leave Abel’s body in the field for four days before burying him?

5. Who were the Nephilim in Genesis 6:4?

6. Who were the sons of God that married the daughters of men and produced the Nephilim (Genesis 6:4)?

7. Why do scholars think that these sons of God were fallen angels, or evil spirits, who disobeyed God and followed Satan into sin?

8. What does Genesis refer to when it speaks about the devil walking around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour?

9. What does this mean and what is the story behind this phrase?

10. What were the five cities mentioned in Joshua?

11:13-14 which Joshua burned with fire? 

12. Who built Jericho according to Joshua 6:26-27? 

13. Where did Rahab live according to Joshua 2:1-7? 

14. How many people crossed over Jordan River during the exodus according to Joshua 3:5-6 ? 15. When was David born according to 1 Samuel 16:1?

Science questions that have no answers

Here is a list of Good interesting scientific questions that have no answers:

1. Why do stars die like everything else in the universe?

2. Why is the sky limited but space endless? 

3. What was before the Big Bang? 

4. Where did all this existence come from? 

5. What are life’s building blocks and where do they come from? 

6. How much can we say about what’s inside a black hole? 

7. Is there anything outside of the Universe, or does it go on forever? 

8. What is a wormhole and how could it be used to travel through time and space? 

9. Can anything escape gravity once pulled into its embrace, or will every particle eventually be dragged back down to Earth by gravitational force no matter how far away it may roam in the cosmos?

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