150+ Questions that cannot be answered (Scientific, religious, universe, life, funny, dumb)

By: Naveen B

Have you ever wondered if there are some questions that cannot be answered about life, world, universe, religion and science etc.?

Surely, there must be—it’s impossible to know everything, right?

While we may never be able to answer some of these most unanswerable questions, we can still be amused by them.

Consider this list of unanswered questions and some deep philosophical questions that cannot be answered by science itself.

These mind blowing questions will keep you up at night and make you wonder about the world around you.

Questions that cannot be answered


1. Why is it happening whatever is happening now?

I think that question is probably something all humans struggle with, especially when they’re going through difficult times.

On one hand, you want to know what your future holds, on the other hand it may not be worth knowing because then you won’t be surprised.

That said, It is hard to know exactly why it is happening, whatever is happening now. These sorts of questions can only be answered by the universe itself.

2. Why did consciousness emerge? 

The mystery of human consciousness has puzzled scientists for decades. We are conscious beings aware of ourselves as well as others around us, we are aware of past experiences and predictions for the future.

Yet how does this really work? How does life have meaning if there is no truth in it?

Well, this question has yet to be solved but there are theories out there: some say it emerged from evolutionary processes while others point to a divine cause; either way, people still don’t know the answer so we can’t provide any further explanation here.

3. Why do we exist at all?

This impossible question begs for an answer that no one has been able to provide us yet: after all these years we have yet to come up with anything even remotely close.

And it doesn’t help that experts seem to disagree on this issue, each coming up with their own theory and research.

Still, there’s hope: while you might never find the answer, you can still find peace without having one. So keep searching!

4. Why does every living creature have to die?

This is the toughest question to answer. You would think that there would be an end goal to this whole existence, but there isn’t.

In fact, it seems like we are doomed to end with death no matter what. Why is that? Why do we die? No one knows.

5. What happens after death?

There are different beliefs on this subject- some people believe in reincarnation while others believe in God and Heaven- but nobody has seen the light of day to be able to confirm for sure. 

It’s a lot easier for religious people who believe that their afterlife is waiting for them, but for atheists, it’s tough being faced with nothingness at the end of it all.

Funny questions that cannot be answered


Here is a list of questions that cannot be answered funny. 

1. Is I in Falling in love singular or plural?

2. Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

3. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

4. What’s the fastest way to determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

5. Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

6. How can you tell when an octopus is angry?

7. Why are there so many varieties of mayonnaise if mayonnaise doesn’t spoil?

8. Who let the dogs out?

9. Who put the bomp in the bomp-shoo-bomp-sha-bomp?

10. When is a door not a door?

Questions about the bible that cannot be answered

1. How could Satan tempt Adam and Eve to disobey God if they were created without sin or evil in their hearts when they were created by Him who is all good?

2. What are angels and demons made out of?

3. What happened to Cain after he killed Abel?

4. Why does God tell people not to eat from a tree in the garden but tells Adam and Eve they can eat from any tree except one?

5. Why is there no mention of the Nephilim in the bible?

6. Who was Cain afraid would kill him if he found him when he was exiled from Eden?

7. Where did Cain find his wife after being exiled from Eden?

8. What really happened with Eve and the serpent that tempted her to eat from the forbidden fruit?

9. What were angels doing on earth before Satan fell?

10. Were the Nephilim giants or just humans?

Scientific questions that cannot be answered


Here is a list of Science questions that cannot be answered

1. What is at the center of black hole?

2. Is time travel possible? 

3. Where did all the missing matter go? 

4. Why are we here? 

5. How many dimensions are there in our universe? 

6. How old is the universe and what will happen to it in the future? 

7. Can time exist without space? 

8. Why is there something rather than nothing? 

9. Who, or what, caused the Big Bang? 

10. Can you create a singularity in a lab? 

11. Does dark energy cause the universe to expand or contract? 

12. Are there any parallel universes out there? 

13. Will Earth’s population ever stabilize or do we need more death for that to happen

14. Do parallel universes exist outside of space-time as well as within it (i.e., outside of spacetime)? 

15. Have there been other big bangs before this one?

Questions that cannot be answered by science


The following are some questions that cannot be answered scientifically and by scientific method.

1. What was before the Big Bang?

2. What is time made of and how does it work?

3. How did life come from non-life without any evidence of this happening at any point in history?

4. Is life on Earth just a brief transitional phase between inhospitable states?

5. What is consciousness and where does it come from?

6. Does life have meaning without God’s plan?

7. What are thoughts made of?

8. Why is there something rather than nothing?

9. What is the purpose of existence?

10. Why do we have to die?

11. What happens after death?

12. What is the meaning of life and why are we here?

13. Why does gravity exist?

14. Why does anything exist at all?

15. How does time work?

16. How will scientists come to know if life exists on other planets in outer space?

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Religious questions that cannot be answered


Here is a list of religious questions that cannot be answered by religion:

1. Is it possible to prove, empirically, that there’s no god or afterlife in order to stop religious people telling us otherwise and scaring people with hellfire and eternal damnation if they don’t believe in Jesus/Muhammad/Zeus etc.?

2. Can God destroy himself/herself?

3. Why will God allow people to suffer?

4. Does an omnipotent being have the power to create a rock so heavy he can’t lift it?

5. If religion is based on faith, why do we need proof for science?

6. Why does religion divide humanity into believers and non-believers when all religions preach love, peace and tolerance?

7. What are the limits of free speech in matters of religious sensitivity?

8. If religious texts are divinely inspired, how come no two texts read the same way?

9. How come every holy book contradicts another one?

10. How do I know which one to believe in?

11. Do I need to believe in any of them?

12. How does religion create wars and conflicts when it’s supposed to bring peace?

13. What happened before God created the universe? 

Christianity questions that cannot be answered


Here is a list of questions about christianity that cannot be answered:

1. Why does christianity want to make people feel guilty if they don’t go to church or read the bible?

2. Why doesn’t God answer prayers (according to Christians)?

3. Doesn’t the idea of miracles contradict free will (according to Christians)?

4. Why did God create a deadly sin, like envy?

5. Did Adam and Eve have navels when they were born?

6. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons when they were born?

7. What happened before the beginning of time?

8. Is God just playing a game with us?

9. If Christians are happy that they are going to Heaven, then what is their problem on Earth? Isn’t being content on Earth more important than what will happen after death? 

10. Why is it so difficult to be a Christian?

11. Who is the Holy Spirit?

12. What are the qualities of the god?

13. Where does Satan come from?

14. Why would Jesus ask people to take up their cross daily if he never wanted them to do this?

15. Did God know what Adam and Eve were going to do when they disobeyed him?

16. Did the devil tempt Eve before or after she ate the forbidden fruit?

Questions that cannot be answered about life

Here is a list of Life questions that cannot be answered :

1. Will we ever be satisfied? 

2. Why are we the only ones who feel this despair? 

3. Why is there no meaning in this world?

4. Is there a deeper significance to our lives or are we simply a bunch of carbon-based chemicals who have no idea what they’re doing here or why they’re even alive in the first place? 5. Who are we and where do we go when we’re gone?

6. What am I doing with my life?

7. Why is there evil in the world?

8. Why are we so cruel to each other? 

9. How do you know when you’re doing something wrong?

10. How can you know what’s right if no one knows what’s wrong?

11. What happens when your life just isn’t going anywhere?

12. How do you know if you have faith or not?

13. Who is the real self? 

Impossible questions that cannot be answered

Here is a list of questions that are impossible to answer:

1. What happened before the beginning of time? 

2. How can we have free will if we are born into our original sin and nothing else (not even our thoughts) can come from us? 

3. Why should I bother doing anything if the human race isn’t going to survive much longer anyway, due to climate change/pollution/global pandemic etc.?

4. If we do manage to survive climate change/pollution/global pandemic etc., how can we ensure that our descendants won’t make the same mistakes again when faced with new threats – like global warming etc.? 

5. How does my brain know what someone else sees, hears, feels? 

6. Who are we?

7. Where do we come from?

8. Where are we going after death?

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Philosophical questions that cannot be answered

Here is a list of Philosophical questions that cannot be answered by science

1. How do we know that what we see and hear is really happening?

2. How do we know that the past really happened, and the future doesn’t yet exist? 

3. Where do souls go after death?

4. Is consciousness completely physical?

5. Where do the laws of nature come from?

6. How to discover which never existed before?

7. How will life be 1000 years from now?

8. Does time have a beginning and an end?

9. Can the mind heal the body?

10. What is the nature of personal identity of a human?

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Questions about God that cannot be answered

Here is a list of God questions that cannot be answered:

1. Can religion be explained without God?

2. How can be able to see God?

3. Are God and human same?

4. Is God all reality?

5. Does God work in mysterious ways?

6. What does it mean when we say God is love?

7. Who created God?

8. Is God the cause of a fine-tuned universe?

9. What is the theory of God?

10. Why is there anything at all, if God doesn’t exist?

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Dumb and Stupid questions that cannot be answered

Here is a list of stupid and dumb questions that can’t be answered:

1. Which day comes after someday?

2. What color is the white light you see when you die?

3. Why are there so many questions with no answers and no one can answer them?

4. Why do people ask questions that have no answers and no one can answer them?

5. Why are there only five fingers on each hand to humans?

6. How can we trust someone who doesn’t know the answer to their own questions? 

7. How do you know what God wants if you don’t even know what questions he’s asking?

8. When will all these questions be answered so I know what I believe in?

9. If we try, what is our ultimate fate if there are questions with no answers and others that cannot be answered?

Weird questions that cannot be answered

Here is a list of crazy, strange and weird questions that cannot be answered:

1. Can the Loch Ness Monster be proved not to exist?

2. Can the Yeti be proved not to exist?

3. Can Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman or the Chupacabra be proved not to exist?

4. Why do we ask questions with no answers?

5. Why are these questions still on our minds when we have no hope for an answer?

Mind blowing questions that cannot be answered

Here is a list of mind blowing questions that cannot be answered and make you think deeply:

1. What is a person’s responsibility if they don’t know how or when they will die?

2. If heaven is real and someone commits suicide, are they condemned to an eternity in hell?

3. Why is reality real to me but not real to everyone else?

4. Where am I located in this four dimensional world called reality?

5. Am I just my conscious self or am I also my subconscious self too?

6. Which is more important: perception or knowledge of the external world through sensory input – sight, sound etc.; or knowledge about oneself gained through introspection – thoughts about oneself, feelings about oneself etc.?

7. How do we know that our memories are true representations of what happened to us in the past? 

8. Why must we suffer and experience loss in order to feel joy and love etc.?

9. Why do humans have 10 fingers and 10 toes?

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Questions that cannot be answered by the bible

Here is a list of Best questions that cannot be answered by the bible:

1. How does something come from nothing?

2. What is the meaning of life, really?

3. What is the point of anything at all (in a universe without God)?

4. Does time exist independently of human consciousness?

5. Is space real or just an illusion created by the mind’s need for three dimensions when actually we only inhabit one dimension – time?

Deep questions that cannot be answered

Here is a list of hard and deep questions that cannot be answered:

1. Why are some things bad and others good?

2. What determines whether an action is good or bad?

3. Is everything good because it leads to some even better thing down the line, no matter how bad it seems now?

4. Must each of us pursue our own goals, whatever they may be?

5. Must each person live their own life according to their own lights, never taking into account anyone else’s needs or desires;

always pursuing their own needs and desires regardless of anyone else’s feelings about them; always following their conscience without regard for social norms and conventions concerning politeness;

never sacrificing themselves for others or putting others first because these would interfere with personal liberty?

Physics questions that cannot be answered

The following are some of the greatest physics questions that cannot be answered:

1. Does every possible event take place somewhere at some point in the universe because of quantum physics?

2. Can metaphysics discern God?

3. What can’t be predicted in physics?

4. Does time exist?

5. If Physics is not a science, what is it?

6. How do we know anything about light’s nature when it is considered to have no mass and travel at the speed of infinity?

7. How does physics think about uncertainty?

8. Is there any way to find out how matter behaves without doing an experiment on it?

9. Why is black body radiation important for understanding the physical world around us?

10. What makes quantum particles behave as if they are both waves and particles?

11. What does gravity have to do with life?

12. How is gravity quantified mathematically?

13. Where did all the antimatter go after the Big Bang occurred?

Questions about the universe that cannot be answered (about space, world and existence)

Here is a list of Good Questions about the universe, space and the world that cannot be answered:

1. How many dimensions does the universe have? 

2. Does the multiverse exist? 

3. Is there free will in a deterministic universe? 

4. Do space and time actually exist?

5. Where is everyone else? 

6. Will Earth eventually collide with Earth II, wiping out all life on both planets? 

7. Does infinity really exist? 

8. Is it possible to enter parallel universes via quantum tunneling or wormholes to different places in space-time, or can we only travel to alternate timelines of our own reality (called parallel worlds) which start branching off immediately after ours begins? 

9. Which came first, light or dark matter (aka dark energy)? 

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