200 Questions with no answers (unanswerable & mind blowing)

By: Naveen B

What is the most unanswered question in science? It’s probably the idea of what happens to our consciousness once we die is an unanswerable question that is not only difficult to understand, but also very personal. It’s definitely a question with no answer.

Can a mortal ask questions which god finds unanswerable? What does eternity feel like when you have no death? These are such questions with no answers which are also mind blowing if we deeply think about them.

As we live in an incredibly complicated and mysterious world. There are endless unanswerable questions out there that scientists can’t begin to explain and that we probably won’t have the answers to until long after we’re gone. Still, it’s fun to think about them, isn’t it?

In this article I have written a list of intriguing and thought provoking questions with no answers and that cannot be answered yet. Continue reading till the end and express your mind boggling views in the comment section.

Here are some of the world’s most mysterious unanswered questions with no answers.

Questions with no answers


The following is a list of questions with no answer:

1. Do we perceive extra terrestrial intelligence if we travel through time?

2. How did pharaohs see through the advancement of the future?

3. Did ancient aliens visit Earth in our distant past?

4. Are there still undiscovered species out there?

5. Why is it happening whatever is happening now?

6. Will technology eventually replace human conscience altogether?

7. Does sleep need eyesight for one to dream?

8. Why doesn’t everyone get enlightenment?

9. What would happen if everyone in the world disappeared except for one person?

10. Why is water the main source of life?

11. How is invisibility achieved?

12. If my words become the thoughts of your mind, where am I?

13. What if all of this isn’t real and we’re just in somebody else’s dream like The Matrix but no one realizes it because nobody remembers their dreams unless they have narcolepsy or something?

14. When I’m dreaming and I die, does my brain know that it’s just a dream or does my brain think that it has died for real?

15. How to make our senses work together to create awareness and ultimate consciousness?

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Questions with no answers funny


Here is a list of Funny questions with no answers

1. Is the opposite of the opposite the same or opposite?

2. Can you have a daydream at night-time?

3. What’s at the end of a rainbow? . What’s in front of what’s behind what’s next to what? What comes after everything and before nothing?

4. What is taller than the tallest thing, but shorter than the shortest thing?

5. Why do we need one word for I and another for eye?

6. If someone says I was about to say that do they mean it was on their mind and they were just about to say it, or did they know what you were going to say before you said it

7. When does nothing end?

8. Why does anyone ever tell time in hours and minutes when seconds make so much more sense?

9. Can two wrongs ever make a right?

10. Can aliens speak English fluently?

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Deep questions with no answers


The following is a list of very thought provoking and deep questions with no answers:

1. How to get rid of death?

2. Is truth and God the same?

3. What is the oldest animal that is still living that humans are not aware of?

4. How many times can a person be born as a human?

5. What is the weight of the entire cosmos?

6. What if there are no species in the entire universe including humans?

7. What happens to people if there are no such things as desires or dreams?

8. How to realize the value of life and its existence?

9. What is the purpose of meaning, if a newborn child dies without doing anything?

10. What would happen to human beings if there is no such thing as pain?

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Trick questions with no answers


Here is a list of Perplexing tricky questions with no answers that make you think all your life:

1. Do we have an immortal soul? Or, do we cease to exist when we die?

2. What was there before the big bang? How did it all begin? Is there any creator or not? What is he/she/it like if so?

3. Will humankind ever overcome all its problems?

4. What is the next step for humans evolution-wise?

5. Is man the last frontier for evolution?

6. Which animal is considered to be the smartest one on Earth and why?

7. Can animals predict natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc.?

Confusing questions with no answers


These are some of the most confusing questions with no answers:

1. What’s smaller than small and bigger than big?

2. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

3. Why do people grow taller when they drink milk but shorter when they don’t drink milk?

4. What is the deepest part of the human consciousness?

5. How does nothingness travel through space and time?

6. How do two people know each other about someone who can’t stop thinking and someone who can’t start thinking?

7. Why do humans die of old age, but certain animals don’t?

8. Why do humans remember everything but not their previous life?

9. Is there any difference between god and existence?

Stupid questions with no answers

Here is a list of Strange stupid questions with no right answers funny:

1. What are the origins of the phrase a bee in your bonnet?

2. Why do adults feel embarrassed when kids get embarrassed about certain topics like sex, drugs, alcohol, money, physical appearance, etc.? 

3. How come chocolate tastes better when it melts in your mouth, but leaves a gross residue on your fingers and lips? 

4. How come people say the word ‘but’ to start a sentence when it means that they are contradicting what they are saying? 

Questions with no right answers

Here is a list of questions with no right answers and cannot be answered:

1. What will happen to the Universe when it stops expanding and starts contracting back down?

2. When will Earth become uninhabitable due to climate change and overpopulation?

3. If we find life elsewhere in space, would that prove that intelligent design was true or false? And if science finds proof of intelligent design outside Earth-would you agree or disagree with this conclusion based solely on scientific evidence available today?

4. Is religion compatible with science and reason or contradictory at best and destructive at worst? And which religion would you say matches up best with science: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism or another religious system altogether?

5. Is there really a giant elephant graveyard?

Weird questions with no answers

Here is a list of unique and weird questions with no answers:

1. What if you got infinite money and power but then, everyone else had infinite money and power too?

2. If a word is an anagram for another word, what is it’s original word?

3. What is purple and smells like blue paint?

4. What color is a rainbow on its back?

5. Can you get lost in outer space?

6. What goes up but never comes down?

Philosophical questions with no answers

Here is a list of Deep philosophical questions with no answers about life, universe, and existence:

1. What is human consciousness made up of?

2. When does the first incarnation occur?

3. When does the last incarnation occur?

4. Which soul incarnates the first time?

5. Which soul incarnates the last time?

6. Why consciousness is baffling when we just think about it?

7. What will happen to the human soul when body dies?

8. Who creates karma?

9. Why most are people evil?

10. What causes an individual to accumulate good and bad karma?

11. Who accumulates the karmas of others?

12. Where does the energy of anger come from?

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Unanswerable Confusing questions to ask with no answers

Here is a list of unanswerable questions to ask with no answers that are confusing and tricky:

1. If we’re all made from stars, does that mean some part of them lives inside us when they die?

2. Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people when everyone should get what they deserve

3. Does time actually exist?

4. Will there be any life after death for any of the living beings?

5. Will artificial intelligence outsmart humanity as well as eradicate poverty, hunger, war, racism, s#xism etc.?

6. Where did all the matter come from?

7. Why does time exist at all? 

Hard questions with no answers

Here is a list of mind blowing hard questions with no answers, very tough and difficult to answer:

1. Why is the Universe finite, yet unbounded?

2. How to measure infinity?

3. What is the probability of life existing outside earth?

4. What is the use of the past and the future, when time itself doesn’t exist?

5. What would happen if all of humanity merged into one being?

6. What happens to the vacuum after it collapses and becomes something else?

7. Why doesn’t gravity exist in outer space?

8. Is it true that material and spiritual worlds exist?

9. What is the way of changing one’s karma?

10. What creates karma?

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Questions with no right or wrong answer

Here is a list of questions with no right or wrong answer:

1. How do holograms work?

2 . Why do we wake up and move around in our sleep?

3. Why do we often feel happier in the morning than the evening?

4. What is lucid dreaming and what are the benefits of it?

5. Are names a name or a title? 

6. Why do people put off until tomorrow what they should be doing today? 

Crazy questions with no answers

Here is a list of crazy questions with no answers about earth, space, world and people:

1. Where are parrots from originally and how are they related to other birds?

2. Can animals talk but don’t use speech organs in their throat such as whales and dolphins – what about snakes that can talk with their tongues by making sounds with them during hissing etc.?

3. Why do some animals sleep while others don’t?

4. What are the strangest living things on Earth?

5. What is the longest recorded lifespan of any creature that has lived so far?

6. How old is Earth now according to scientists’ calculations and why do we know this number exactly?

7. If there is infinite space, could universes go on forever?

Dumb questions with no answers

Here is a list of dumb questions with no answers:

1. Why do mirrors reverse left and right instead of up and down?

2. What if you’re underwater and your air bubbles ran out, can you still breathe water until your dead body rises to the surface?

3. Why do teachers need education degrees when they teach us how to read and write without even having a degree first?

4. Should fat people worry about health risks because they might turn into thin people someday? 

5. Who knew that these questions could be difficult to answer!

6. Is reading aloud cheating? 

7. How come girls are told to wear skirts and dresses but boys aren’t told to wear skirts and dresses?

Good questions with no answers

Here is a list of Best good questions that cannot be answered:

1. What are these difficult-to-answer questions about?

2. What is the function of the universe?

3. What is the mechanism behind living and dying?

4. How do parents raise children to develop various personalities?

5. Why do humans lose their memory as they grow older and how to overcome it?

6. What triggers cells to divide so they can grow and form new tissues during childhood development?

7. What turns off the life process, which leads to aging and eventually death?

Impossible questions with no answers

Here is a list of impossible question to answer with no answers:

1. Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe ?

2. Why is space such a big place? 

3. Are humans truly intelligent enough to ask these questions about life and universe anyway? 4. Is this reality or are we dreaming?

5. Why don’t animals live forever?

6. Why is it called space when there’s nothing out there?

7. Why don’t we see light coming out of a black hole?

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Interesting questions with no answers

Here is a list of most intellectual and interesting questions with no answers:

1. What would happen if two parallel realities collide with each other?

2. How could free will and determinism are only created by humans but not any other species?

3. What is infinity times infinity equals to infinity squared?

4. Are there more stars than grains of sand on Earth?

5. What if the world was a hologram?

6. Why can’t we perceive more than three dimensions when there are more dimensions in reality?

7. What is the real world?

Questions with no correct answer

Here is a list of Questions with no correct and definite answer:

1. Can you explain the concept of life without science or any other theory?

2. What was before creation started and what happens after it ends?

3. Are there any other universes besides ours?

4. Does this make sense at all?

5. What is the purpose of dreaming?

6. What are lucid dreams, astral projection, and out-of-body experiences all about?

7. How can lucid dreaming help us with things such as quitting smoking or overcoming fears such as public speaking anxiety etc.?

Yes/no questions list with answers (Questions with yes and no answers)

The following is a list of Questions that can be answered with yes or no and 

1. Do you know what a lucid dream is?

Yes.  Lucid dreaming is the ability to be conscious during a dream. It’s like having control over your dreams and being able to make them happen the way you want them to.

They may then realize that they can control their dreams and make them happen the way they want them to happen through techniques such as meditation or hypnosis while they are asleep.

2. Do you know what god is?

A more difficult question than the first, but yes, I believe in God. I believe that there is something greater than us out there, something bigger than our mind can imagine or understand at this time.

I believe that god has given us free will so that we can choose to do good or bad things with our lives and for eternity after death.

The only evidence for this comes from my own experiences in life and the stories of others who have told me about their experiences with God.

Questions with no good answer

Here is a list of Questions with no real answers:

1. What is the origin of homophobia?

2. What is the origin of fear of spiders and how can it be dealt with?

3. How do we distinguish pain in our brain or body as opposed to feeling sad, or feeling shame etc.?

4. Is there any way to determine the age of a person just by looking at their face?

5. How can you tell if someone is lying to you without using any equipment?

Random questions with no answers

Here is a list of mind boggling random questions with no answers:

1. What are the causes and effects of insomnia?

2. How can you fall asleep faster at night and how can you avoid sleeping too much?

3. What are the dangers of not getting enough quality sleep such as trouble concentrating, obesity, a higher risk for diseases etc.?

4. Is there any relation between dreaming and memory consolidation in the brain- what is it and why is it important?

5. Can people with amnesia recover their memories? What are the cases where people have done that successfully or unsuccessfully and what factors influenced those outcomes etc.?

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Science questions with no answers

Here is a list of scientific questions with no answers and cannot be answered by science:

1. What is neuroscience and how far will its technology advance?

2. What is the law of entropy?

3. What is that never existed and will exist in future?

4. What will happen when nothing happens?

5. How do non-living things come to life?

6. What has always been and will always be?

7. What is the difference between a mirage and an optical illusion?

8. Why do we forget information and data that we learn or experience?

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Silly questions with no answers

Here is a list of silly simple questions that have no easy answers:

1. If I never eat again, will I die from starvation tomorrow morning? 

2. If a woman wears too many clothes, does she become naked inside her clothes instead of outside her clothes as most people think she would? 

3. Will there ever be a cure for stupidity?

4. Does everyone see different colors in the world or is it just me?

5. Does everyone find peace of mind or happiness in different ways than others, or are there some universal truths that everyone needs to find happiness like food and water?

6. Do babies need houses?

Questions with no logical answer

Here is a list of great questions that no amazing logical answers:

1. How come the universe doesn’t make any sense?

2. What is the point of human existence?

3. Why do we need to die?

4. Do animals have dreams or nightmares?

5. What is the ultimate fate of the universe? 

6. Why do people disappear without a trace?

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