50+ Random questions that make you think with answers

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By: Naveen B

 The questions we ask ourselves help to define who we are as people, and the answers those questions lead us to can make our world seem very different from what it was before we asked them.

When you have time on your hands, it’s fun to let your mind wonder and wander on some deep random questions that make you think.

Questions that have no right answer, just the answer that resonates most with you. While you may not always have time to sit around and ponder these big questions.

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There are definitely times when you’re on the go but have some idle moments that would be great opportunities to stop and really give some of these more interesting questions some thought.

Here is a list of Random questions that make you think and some random questions with answers:

Random questions that make you think

random questions that make you think with answers 50+ Random questions that make you think with answers

1. What happens if you’re in outer space and throw a boomerang?

2. If everybody has exactly one soul mate, what happens when two people have more than one?

3. Is there any meaning to life other than what we create ourselves?

4. Do kids ever really outgrow their imaginary friends or pets? 

5. Why do we fight wars? 

6. What would happen if everyone on Earth stood as close together as possible and jumped at once (just once)? 

7. Can I build a perpetual motion machine or is that just impossible? 

8. Does God exist in our reality, but not in others? 

9. How many creatures live underground without us knowing about them? 

10. Would you tell your best friend about your deepest secret even though it could put him/her in danger?

11. Do people dream about death before they die?

12. Are humans alone in the universe or does intelligent life exist elsewhere? 

13. How could someone who was illiterate write something so sophisticatedly lyrical like Les Chants de Maldoror by Comte de Lautréamont, for example? 

14. What causes zombie-like behavior? 

15. Could immortality be achieved through freezing or transferring consciousness?

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16. Would time continue to pass if nobody was alive to experience it? 

17. Could I be part of an experiment in which my every action is dictated by another being? 

18. When everything around me disappears will I still be able to see myself with my own eyes, hear myself with my own ears, smell myself with my own nose, touch myself with my own hands? 

19. What makes us decide right from wrong? 

20. Will robots take over all jobs some day? 

21. Are aliens real or fake?

22. Who am I going to marry someday? 

23. Will going into outer space change me somehow physically or mentally because of cosmic radiation, higher gravity levels, etc.? 

24. Why can’t light travel backwards through time? 

25. Where do souls go after you die – heaven, hell, purgatory?

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Random questions with answers

random questions with answers 50+ Random questions that make you think with answers

Here is a list of random questions with answers that make you think:

1. When will the universe end? 

Answer: Our sun is expected to become a red giant and engulf Earth and most other planets, including Mars, in about 5 billion years from now.

2. How did life arise on Earth? 

Answer: Scientists have long believed that life arose from an RNA world – a primordial soup in which RNA molecules were able to replicate themselves and also catalyze key biological reactions, including DNA replication and protein synthesis.’

3. Why do we have seasons?

Answer: Earth’s tilt gives us our seasons because it points the Northern Hemisphere away from or toward the sun during different times of year.’

4. Are we better off alone or with someone else? 

Answer: Having a partner can help us fight disease, grow crops and build houses, but having too many relationships can be detrimental.

5. Why does time fly when you’re having fun? 

Answer: We experience time differently depending on what we are doing because our sense of time is shaped by how much attention we give an activity – less attention means our experiences seem to pass more quickly than they actually do.

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6. Is there anything wrong with just making money?

Answer: Financial success doesn’t necessarily mean your life is well-lived; it’s possible to be fulfilled in ways other than material wealth

7. Do humans have free will?

Answer: Neuroscientists generally believe that free will is an illusion — actions are determined by prior causes, including biological predispositions and cultural norms.

8. Are we really made of stardust? 

Answer: We are all made of stardust! Stars turn hydrogen into helium, which gives them their energy. Eventually, they will burn out and collapse under their own weight into compact objects like black holes or white dwarfs.

9. How does alcohol affect the body? 

Answer: Your body processes alcohol by burning it for energy first, before turning it into acetic acid (also known as vinegar). Acetic acid is later broken down in your liver.

10. What would happen if everyone on Earth stood as close together as possible and jumped at once (just once)? 

Answer: We’d all die! If every person on Earth jumped at exactly the same time, our bodies would be crushed under their own weight.

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11. Why do people take risks?

Answer: Our brains are wired to seek out high-risk, high-reward experiences because they improve learning and provide opportunities for status enhancement’ 

12. Why do we clap when we’re happy?

Answer: We clap when we’re happy so we can quickly come together with others in a celebratory environment!’

13. What happens when we die? 

Answer: The brain is an organ, and as such it will decompose and eventually be destroyed upon death

14. Why do we get goosebumps when we’re cold? 

Answer: Goosebumps (aka. shivering) happen when tiny muscles beneath your skin contract and cause tiny bumps to rise up; they don’t actually keep you warm.

15. Why is it more difficult to stay awake after a full night’s sleep than it is after a shorter period of rest? 

Answer: Sleep deprivation impairs attention and impairs basic body functions such as blood pressure regulation, hormone secretion, digestion, and temperature control.

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16. Why do children hate spinach? 

Answer: Spinach contains high levels of oxalic acid which interfere with iron absorption, especially in young children. Ironically, spinach is actually a good source of iron for older children and adults.

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