30 Dumb questions that make you think hard (Answered with funny but logical & smart way)

Dumb Questions that make you think

One of the most unique features of our human nature is its ability to think irrationally. This may seem like something that hurts us, but it doesn’t always happen that way. 

As a famous Mark Twain quote says, The only person who never makes any mistakes is the one who never does anything. 

However, If you are of the curious sort, you must have asked yourself at least once in your life some really dumb questions that make you think hard and funny, even if just slightly.

Everyone has been asked some silly questions in their lives, ranging from the overly direct to the extremely random. But what are the best ones?

I have compiled a list of the 30 most ridiculous and downright dumb questions that make you think hard about them along with their mind-blowing answers. Why they were asked and how to answer them in a way that doesn’t leave you questioning your sanity.

We’ve all been there—a seemingly simple question makes you think in ways you never have before, with answers no one ever expected.

Whether they come from your fellow co-workers or total strangers on the internet, these dumb questions are sure to make you laugh with their simplicity and answer in ways that are guaranteed to leave you thinking, if not shaking your head at the stupidity behind it all.

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Dumb Questions that make you think with funny & logical Answers

Dumb Questions that make you think 1 30 Dumb questions that make you think hard (Answered with funny but logical & smart way)

Here is the list of dumb questions that make you think Answered funny and smart way.

1. If you’re born again, do you have two bellybuttons? – Yes and no!! When we go into our mothers’ wombs to form inside of her, we form an umbilical cord.

That cord eventually falls off once we start growing enough to be on our own outside of mommy’s tummy.

But if your mom had a cesarean section (C-section) as I did then instead of falling off it stayed in there to help give me oxygen or whatever.

When I was first born, I still had my umbilical cord, but doctors took it out for me right away because leaving it in can cause all kinds of health problems.

Now you can still see where my umbilical scar is even though I don’t have an actual second belly button anymore.

2. What if I was to fire a gun with both hands at my head? Would I die twice? -Yes, but not only would you die twice but also once.

Because both of your hands are connected to one another via your arms which are connected to one another via your shoulders, which are connected to one another via your spine, which is connected to your brain, and so on ad infinitum, which means if any of those connections were cut then all of them would be.

So after you pull that trigger, you’ll soon realize that pulling said trigger is just as suicidal as jumping off a building with no parachute on, or perhaps even more so because it’s less instant than jumping off a building with no parachute on.

3. What do I know about anything? – You know nothing! You are just a little insignificant speck in a vast, unending abyss of unfathomable space and time which is itself infinitesimally small compared to all other things in existence.

And if that doesn’t depress you then you probably have no sense of existential dread whatsoever.

4. Where do babies come from? -The stork! And if they don’t come from there, where else would they come from?

I’m guessing your parents’ loins, but is your guess really any more valid than assuming they came from a place called the baby town and were built by some guy named baby chubba-chubba or something like that?

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5. Where is Europe?Where do you live? Nobody cares about Europe anymore.

It’s just another way for politicians to pretend we’re not rapidly approaching a post-national state of existence where concepts such as nation and country will be meaningless.

6. What’s in God’s boxers when he doesn’t wear pants? -Clay feet? And why would an omnipotent being such as himself ever need to wear pants in the first place?

For that matter, what does an omnipotent being even need clothes for at all?! Just bask in his glorious form and be overcome with a feeling of pure ecstasy!

7. Why does an airplane not fall? -Airplanes don’t fly! They glide! And they glide by getting pushed through the air, not by repelling it.

Hence why do they need wings to do so and if they weren’t flying then how could they even have wings in the first place?

Think about it…but maybe take a moment or two to do so because that last sentence might have been pretty confusing.

8. Why are there two seagulls on a sign? -You tell me! What do you mean why are there two?! One of them is clearly sitting on top of another seagull! If it wasn’t then how could it be sitting atop another seagull?

Even if one of them happened to somehow be sitting at a different height than another then what would be its relative position to said another seagull?

There can only be one! So which one are we talking about here!? It’s all so confusing…I’m gonna start looking for somewhere to vomit.

9. Why are there countries? -It’s to help define one’s identity. Not so much in a “I’m American sense, but rather in a I live in California. Or perhaps even more so, I’m not from California.”

This is often necessary when said state has over 38 million people living in it who all have their own individual tastes, cultures, ideas, beliefs, and values.

10. Why is there grass in between sidewalks? -Grass is growing! But it’s not like trees that grow out of their roots or cacti which can essentially live for over a thousand years.

The grass is only temporary and thus probably wouldn’t need to be in between sidewalks if they didn’t get mowed on a regular basis.

And, by logical extension, it makes even less sense for dirt to be placed there because why would an owner of property care about grass or weeds that might grow through cracks when he/she could just easily cover it up with asphalt?

There really shouldn’t be any space at all between roads and buildings as far as I’m concerned but then again what do I know?

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11. Why are there four seasons? -Because every other number is too high!

No, but seriously though. Because nature needs to shift its state periodically or else it would be stuck in one position until something happened to force it out of it.

Which could take thousands of years! Clearly, nature itself isn’t intelligent enough to notice if it’s got its wheels stuck or not so without help.

Who knows how long it would have gone before being freed from its position?! What would happen then!? Who knows!? Are you happy now!? You ruined everything!! I just want my life back.

12. Why do we celebrate Easter and not chickens? -What does that even mean?! Why would we ever need to celebrate chickens?

Are they some sort of amazing creature or something? They’re just a bunch of assh#les who sh#t on everything and then leave feathers all over! Eugh…gross…can we please stop talking about them now?

I’m so sorry…sometimes I just don’t know what comes out of my mouth at times like these.

13. Why are people in boats on water? -Boats float! A boat is essentially a giant floating platform built to transport objects across large bodies of water.

And, it’s pretty much implied that if someone were to enter a boat then they would be traveling by water for some reason.

So why wouldn’t they just put their feet into said body of water?! That makes no sense at all. Well, actually it kinda does, but not in any logical sense whatsoever.

And I can’t keep saying things like that because I’ll never stop and by extension, I’ll never finish writing out these last few entries, and then who knows when or even if we’ll ever see them?

This needs to end now before everyone involved gets even more frustrated than they already are.

14. Why are buildings so tall? -Because they’re trying to reach heaven! No, but seriously though.

People just like to build structures much higher than any other objects around them simply because it gives them a sense of superiority over everyone else.

That’s why humans want to reach space, so they can feel like kings of all creation! It’s really sick how our society thinks so highly of itself but oh well not like anyone ever listens to me anyway so I might as well write whatever I want because it’ll never happen anyway.

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15. Why do people not die from high altitude? -Because they’re closer to God! No, but seriously though. It’s all about your perspective on life.

If a human views themselves as a part of some giant machine, then their job is to fulfill a specific role and help it work properly so that it can continue going on without being negatively affected.

And, while some people have bigger or more important roles than others, the point remains that if someone feels like they’re a part of something greater than themselves then maybe dying isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Dumb questions that make you think hard with Answers

Dumb Questions that make you think hard 30 Dumb questions that make you think hard (Answered with funny but logical & smart way)

Here is the list of dumbest questions that make you think hard with answers.

16. Why is there a light switch on the wall? -Because one person can’t hold a light bulb in their hand to turn it on and off all day! You try holding a 30-watt bulb for 8 hours while standing in one place.

You’ll see why we need things like switches and buttons. Nah, but really though.

Someone came up with an idea for how to go about activating lights and other electrical devices without having to actually touch them and then someone else liked that idea so much they put it into practice! 

Now we don’t have to touch gross stuff like wall sconces or ceiling fans anymore.

17. How to get rich quick? -Not everyone is meant to be rich. Just as not everyone is meant to live a full life or achieve their dreams.

You can’t go around deciding what others should want for themselves because it’s morally wrong! Everyone has a right to pursue their own happiness and it’s wrong of you, to deny them that.

18. How to get abs without working out? – You can’t get a six-pack without actually doing work.

And, if I had a nickel for every time someone wanted me to reveal some fad diet or secret trick on how they could achieve their dreams without effort.

Well, I’d have more money than I know what to do with! Then again maybe not since I’d probably end up spending it all on more fad diets and secret tricks anyway.

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19. Why does your stomach look pregnant even if you are not? – Because it’s bloated. Just like when you wear a heavy backpack all day.

Your skin stretches and expands to compensate for what’s put on top of it. And, just like how a backpack feels less heavy after walking around with it on for a while, the same thing happens to our tummies! It’s just how we’re built.

20. Are there a lot of virgins in the Virgin Islands? – Oh yeah! That’s why it’s called. Wait, that doesn’t even make sense.

If anyone is wondering, the islands got their name because Christopher Columbus found them on his 1492 expedition and he thought they looked so beautiful and untouched by a man so he called them Islas de Virgenes (English: Islands of Virgins).

The fact that virgin still means unmarried, was just a coincidence.

21. Why do you have to go to college? – Because it’s what adults want us to do. Just because our parents and society as a whole value education doesn’t mean we have to as well.

Everyone should be free to pursue whatever they feel makes them happy without being told what’s best for them.

22. Why are people who exercise healthy? – Because they don’t want to get sick. But, obviously, if someone is sick they can’t help but exercise! But, I mean, yeah! That’s why.

23. Why is your toenail so hard? – Because nails are mostly made of keratin and keratin is a very hard material!! Just like we have fingernails, we also have toenails for protection.

Toenails protect our toes from getting cut and scraped on sharp objects like rocks and such.

24. Why does your heart beat fast? – Because it has to. Everything in our body needs energy, including our heart.

And since our bodies use so much energy all day every day, our hearts have to work extra hard to keep up with what we ask of them.

That’s why if someone is sitting still for a long time they start to feel tired or dizzy because their heart has stopped doing as much work.

25. Why is your arm hair so soft? – Because it doesn’t have to protect anything. If you think about it, most of our body hair serves a purpose.

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Our leg and chest hair keep us warm and our armpit hair helps keep our sweat from soaking through our clothes.

While eyebrows keep sweat out of our eyes and nose hairs keep dust particles from going up there as well.

Since arms don’t really have to do either of those things, there’s no need for them to be as tough or coarse as all that other hair is.

26. Are you telling the truth if you lie in bed? – Yes and no. You can’t tell a direct lie while lying down because your body won’t let you.

But, if someone were to ask me whether I’m lying down and I said yes, but really I’m not. That would be kind of a half-truth or white lie! White lies aren’t bad or anything. I just mean that even when we’re lying, we’re still being honest.

27. Why do your private parts of the body have pubic hair? – Because we need to keep all our sweat and secretions in.

If there were no pubic hair, we’d end up with smelly sweat and juices getting out and forming a puddle on our clothes.

Plus, there are plenty of things in our pants like zippers and keys and such to scratch us when we’re walking or whatever so we need hair down there to protect ourselves.

28. Why do some people have long eyelashes? – Because they are born with them!! Just like how everyone has a different shaped nose or chin, we all have different shaped eyes too.

Some of us are born with longer lashes while others aren’t.

29. Why do our noses run when it’s cold outside? – Because of what I was just talking about.

When it’s cold out our body temperature drops to keep us warm so the blood vessels in our head get smaller to keep less blood there.

And at the same time, we start breathing faster and deeper and since we’re using more air than normal we blow all that moisture out as well.

30. Do fish get thirsty? – Yeah, but they still don’t drink. Because our saliva is mostly made of water, we can survive longer without food than we can without water.

But for fish and most other animals in nature, water and food come from the same place: the water!! If you’ve ever wondered why fish never seem to run out of water when we take them out of their tank for a little while it’s because they’re drinking it from themselves.

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