30 Stupid questions that make you think with answers (Funny & Dumb)

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By: Naveen B

Stupid Questions that make you think

We’ve all had questions that have driven us crazy, whether because they’re confusing or because we can’t seem to find the answer.

Also, there are some stupid questions that make you think because they are so silly, they’ll have you reflecting on your own way of thinking about the world, and how different it is from other people’s perspectives.

Whether it’s classic If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Or something more new-age like What if everything around you isn’t actually real?

These questions will definitely get your brain working, while also highlighting the fact that asking these questions never made anyone smarter.

Some questions really do make you think deeply about everything in life. I have taken some time and compiled 30 stupid questions that make you think deeply funny along with their answers.

See if you can figure out what it is that makes these questions so stupid and perplexing, or simply start guessing and see how many you can guess correctly before finishing the list.

The more you think about it, the more things will become clear and the more your mind will be opened to new ideas and possibilities. There’s nothing like thinking to being so damn good for the brain.

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Stupid Questions that make you think with Answers

stupid Questions that make you think with answers 30 Stupid questions that make you think with answers (Funny & Dumb)

Here is the list of stupid questions that make you think with Answers.

1. If someone offered you exactly $5 million to give up one of your senses (hearing, taste, touch, etc.), which would you choose and why? Obviously, some senses are more important than others.

But I’m asking if you had no emotional attachment or psychological dependence on them, which one would be easier to do without? Would it even matter what sense was taken away—or is it all about how we feel about each sense individually? 

2. Do sheep shrink when it rains? – No they don’t, but… Have you ever wondered why raindrops get bigger as they fall to earth?

Not really! They get smaller and smaller until they disappear! Why is that so? It’s all to do with surface tension and gravity pulling them downwards at a rate faster than they can evaporate away.

Surface tension holds water molecules tightly together on leaves of plants and on every other moist surface of anything exposed to air, making them literally ‘sticky’ and causing these surfaces to be rather more resistant to penetration by larger objects such as raindrops.

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3. Did Noah keep his bees in the Ark? – Bees might have been on board, but they weren’t called that back then! Imagine it’s 2250 BC and your town is about to be wiped out by a terrible flood.

You’ve survived, but you’re terrified of drowning or being eaten by giant lizards—or whatever might lurk beneath in its murky depths. What do you take with you?

An ark full of animals is what they used in Genesis 6:18-21 when God told Noah to build an ark for two of every kind of animal along with his family because he was going to send a flood to destroy their world.

 4. What happens if you cut an onion in half and then put it back together? Does it work as well as a whole one? – If we were to cut an onion in half and then re-attach them we would find that for our purposes at least, they wouldn’t work nearly as well.

Funny stupid questions that make you think

funny stupid Questions that make you think 30 Stupid questions that make you think with answers (Funny & Dumb)

List of funny stupid questions that make you think 

5. Does your nose run when you lie? – No, it doesn’t, but did you know that blood vessels in our noses dilate to heat up air before it is further warmed and humidified by tiny hairlike projections in one, nasal membrane?

6. What does catch red-handed mean? – If someone has been caught red-handed they have just been caught doing something bad with their hands red because they were covered in paint or some other colored substance! 

7. Why does an alarm clock go off when it rings? – The phrase alarm clock originally came from two Latin words, alarum and clocca—so you could say it literally means to be struck with fear! 

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8. Is a hologram a ghost? – No, but Holograms are images that are created by lasers that have bounced off or passed through an object. When viewing a hologram, no direct light is being shone on it so there’s nothing for your eyes to see.

But because lasers bounce back differently depending on what they’ve hit they can create different images at different angles of vision. 

9. How much money would I have if I had $1 for every time someone asked me to give them change for a dollar?

That’ll be $1. But all you need to do to work out how much money we’d have is take whatever amount of money we’ve been given and then multiply it by one hundred (the number of times we’ve been asked).

10. Can I sleep with a light on? – It depends, but… Humans tend to feel more at ease when they can see their surroundings and, as such, might find sleeping with a light easier than trying to fall asleep in pitch-black darkness! 

 11. If beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, then why does my uncle preach at me every time he drinks too much beer?

The short answer is your uncle’s personal hang-ups have nothing to do with whether or not God loves you.

The slightly longer answer, though, suggests God doesn’t create alcohol but Satan does. According to Zechariah 10:1, Jesus said in his day, woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine and champions at mixing drinks.

Stupid Questions that make you laugh

Stupid Questions that make you laugh 30 Stupid questions that make you think with answers (Funny & Dumb)

List of stupid questions that make you laugh with answers.

12. Why are there holes in pencils? – By creating these holes during manufacturing means any excess wood pulp can leak out.

It may seem like a trivial question, but were there no holes there’d end up being ‘splinters’ of wood left in your fingers when using a pencil.

13. Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? – Hmmm… Don’t know if I’m being asked, but it makes sense to me! They’re just different words for slightly different things.

The term parkway originated in New York City around 1907 when they were built to connect Manhattan with surrounding boroughs. Meanwhile, driveways are usually private property designed to take you from your house to a road or street. 

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14. How does a cow sleep standing up? – They don’t… Cows lie down on their sides when they sleep, often chewing their cud as they do so! 

15. If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to a pan? – Well, A variety of adhesives can be used—often PTFE powder is mixed with other powders and then sprayed onto a non-stick surface or into recessed areas.

It’s then cured under heat lamps until it solidifies and becomes permanently attached! 

16. Why does a round pizza come in a square box? – To stop it rolling away of course! Okay, so yes there are easier ways to stop pizza sliding off your table or out of your lap than by boxing it up but hey!

There’s always gotta be some kind of trade-off when creating any kind of food packaging!

17. What do they use to stuff sausages? – Lean meat, fats, spices, and water are generally used to stuff sausages.

However, because there’s no single formula for creating sausages some manufacturers will then add in breadcrumbs or rice flour just to bulk out their creation.

These additions can be found on food labels under ‘extraneous materials’ though!

18. If Santa Claus and Congress agreed on something, would there be term limits for him?

No, I just made that up! But don’t worry, it’s not actually a stupid question. Some people believe Santa is part of the government because he rewards children who are well behaved with presents.

Others don’t agree with Christmas being linked to his story so they want to put an end to any associations between Christmas and Christianity!

19. Why do my fingernails grow faster than my toenails? – I’m not sure if it’s true but apparently our fingernails grow faster due to them receiving more blood flow—meaning food flows more easily through them compared to our toes!

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20. What happens if you get scared half to death twice? – I guess if you’re ‘scared’ enough during your first brush with fear it could cause your heart rate and breathing rate to fluctuate so much they both register as being close to zero.

It might be a stupid question, but I still think I’ll sleep with my light on tonight! 

21. If God dropped acid, would he see people? – The answer is yes. But I’m not sure there’s much use trying to figure out what effects psychedelic drugs would have on God’s consciousness! 

It’d be like trying to work out how tired you’d feel after sleeping for years—you can’t really know until it happens! And besides that, even questioning his existence by asking ‘what if he dropped acid?’ Seems disrespectful. Even for me! Sorry, God

22. Should crematoriums give discounts to burn victims? – No, they shouldn’t.

It’s not like they can go to another company or return their body to nature! Unless they’re planning on doing something with it that might be considered disrespectful! 

23. What is another word for synonym? – Hmm… Another word for a synonym is ‘antonym’! Now I’ve confused myself.

Moving on quickly before I do any more damage when two words are similar in meaning, they are called synonyms.

This means when two words are opposites of each other—for example, ‘good’ and ‘bad’—they are called antonyms! Confused enough yet?

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Stupid Questions that make you question life

Stupid Questions that make you question life 30 Stupid questions that make you think with answers (Funny & Dumb)

List of stupid questions that make you question life.

24. What would happen if I drove at 99mph and got pulled over? – Well, most countries have a speed limit on highways which is intended to ensure everyone’s safety.

You’d probably be forced to pay a fine or go to jail—or both! Either way, it would probably be pretty uncomfortable as I imagine most police cars don’t come with air-conditioning! (Rueful smile.)

25. Would a fly without wings be called a walk? – That would only happen if flies started flying with their legs instead of their wings.

However, flies do have four pairs of legs—and most scientists believe they are mostly used for walking rather than flight.

Sometimes it can be hard to judge whether something has too many or too few limbs though! Case in point, I once walked into an IKEA store thinking it was an art gallery because I saw ‘IKEA’ written on all of its walls.

Yep, turns out there were actually two exhibitions happening on either side of each other and my eyes were looking at them both at once—making me think there was only one exhibition… Oops! (Sorry IKEA!)

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26. How do I know when I’m done writing a short story? – A short story is a fictional piece of writing with a beginning, middle, and end.

Think of your favorite books! Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, The Hunger Games—each book in a series is considered a short story but all together they create an epic saga.

When it comes to writing an individual ‘short’ story, there isn’t really an exact formula for when to stop.

But if your words can be summed up easily in one sentence they might be too short—and if they don’t add up to something meaningful or entertaining they might not be very interesting or engaging.

27. How come Superman could stop bullets with his chest, but always ducked when someone threw a gun at him?

Well, I’m no Batman—but I’ve never heard of any superpower that makes something unbreakable.

And while some things are stronger than others—bullets aren’t really considered strong at all! They’re small and light—so they can be broken if hit hard enough or in just about any way.

If they were made of rubber, for example, it’s unlikely he’d have been able to use them to block shots from an actual machine gun.

28. How do you know if a pear is ripe? – Easy! There are several methods for determining ripeness—but by far one of my favorites is to push down on a pear’s stem near its bottom.

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If it feels soft and squeezable, there’s a good chance it will be easy to bite into and possibly taste sweet.

If it feels firm but slightly squishy then it might still be too hard to eat—but if there is no give whatsoever, chances are your pear isn’t going to be very tasty. Time to get a new one!

29. When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests them first?– Umm. The answer is obviously “Dogs!” You know when something tastes so bad it’s good—that’s usually not an accident.

The company might be trying to get people to buy their product by making it sound yummy when in reality it tastes like nails.

But not with dog food—I bet they just use dogs because it’s cheaper than hiring humans or paying for lab rats or something like that.

No one would ever knowingly eat something gross without complaining about how bad it tastes, right? (Or at least I hope not!)

30. Can blind people see their dreams?– No! But let’s try a fun experiment! Close your eyes and imagine riding a horse through a field of flowers—that’s right, close your eyes and picture it with me.

While it might be hard to describe what you’re seeing when describing your dream to someone else, dreaming isn’t actually visual in nature—it’s more like feeling or hearing or smelling what you’re seeing rather than actually watching things with your eyes.

So while some blind people might be able to ‘see’ certain aspects of their dreams if they feel them, they don’t ever really see anything visually at all! (Unless I missed something in science class!)

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