10 Signs your soulmate is coming back (Deep spiritual insights)

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By: Naveen B

 For whatever reason you parted with your soulmate, have you ever thought that your partner may have left you forever? Do you ever wonder and wait for the signs your soulmate is coming back or not?

This is very common in many love stories.

Sadly, most of us don’t know how to love again and carry on the flame of passion and romance that was once started. Some people find it very hard to let go, even when they have struggled with separation anxiety for years.

We all know with absolute certainty that one day we will meet our soulmates. But not sure with the same person or a different one.

And we can’t wait for this moment to arrive. Then most of us keep waiting with an optimistic hope that maybe true love is soon going to happen. 

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When it doesn’t, we start to question whether or not soulmates really exist? If soulmates exist, why do people break up, and do we ever have a chance of meeting our soulmates again?

Indeed, these questions hold a great deal of truth in them.

However, I want you to know that fear is inevitable. But if you come out of your intrusive thoughts and take the time to think about what really matters.

Then perhaps you begin to notice some signs that will guide you to reconnect with your soulmate and make you realize he or she is coming back.

In order to go into further details about this subject, in this post, I have written some psychic signs your soulmate is coming back. These spiritual insights will definitely make your mind elite and help you choose the right path.

Continue reading till the end and make sure to reflect on them if they resonate with you.

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10 Signs your soulmate is coming back

spiritual signs your soulmate is coming back 10 Signs your soulmate is coming back (Deep spiritual insights)

1. Your inner guidance wakes you up to feel it.

Your inner guidance is waiting for a signal from you to let it know there is something going to happen.

This doesn’t happen very often unless you have done some inner work. Once you have worked with enough self-care, suddenly something begins to change within you.

You become more aware of your surroundings and notice things clearly. As you get clarity, you become more sensitive to nature and feel things that are beyond your understanding.

However, you know the things without actually knowing how they are happening. This is mainly because of your intuition.

When you connect to your intuition and listen to your inner voice, you become visionary and predict the future purely based on your gut feeling.

Similarly, In this case, you feel about your soulmate coming back to you when you suddenly sense it.

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2. You’ve accepted your past and become ready for love.

Whatever the reason you both had issues and that led to a breakup. In most cases, it is because of each other’s personality incompatibility or emotional immaturity, or some kind of tragedy. 

But once you were apart, you get more personal space and time to reflect on each other’s past mistakes.

And if you still got your emotions attached to them, you begin to miss them. Somehow, once you have completely healed from your past, you will become ready for love again. 

Therefore, as you are looking for love, your soulmate might also have gone through a similar transformation by realizing their mistakes and looking for love again. So, this could be one of the signs your soulmate is coming back.

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3. Your affirmations are manifesting.

You have sacred wisdom or intuition hovering above you, ready and willing to bring divine love into your life the moment you allow it. 

The thoughts you think, the feelings you develop, the words you affirm, and the actions you do will eventually add up and manifest themselves into reality. 

So, lately, if you have been affirming more about your past relationship or wishing that your ex or lover or soulmate come back.

And if you get a positive feeling that your affirmations will come true. Then definitely, this is one of the crucial signs your soulmate is coming back.

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4. Their memories start to return.

Slowly, when you are recovering from your past relationship and living your normal life.

If suddenly your soulmate’s memories start to return, it means your celestial self has been working with you to create a specific set of experiences you had with your soulmate when you were together. 

This is to assist you in developing an emotional and psychic connection with your soulmate.

As there was already a certain amount of shared memory associated with you and your ex-lover or partner. It becomes easy to manifest itself to rekindle the attachment between you. 

As you connect with your Higher Self, the mutual memories will begin to flood back into reality.

You’ll begin to remember everything, from before you came here into this transformation – who you were before the separation happened.

Most often when your past relationship memories return, perhaps they are thinking of you and planning to come back to your life.

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5. Chances to give better hope about the future.

Belief and faith will really work if you take your power of mind seriously. If you have a good feeling about your future that your soulmate will come back to you, even if it means waiting years.

Then your belief in yourself and in your genuine connection with that person will eventually become apparent.

If your soulmate has gone through necessary pain and prepared themselves to be committed to keeping you happy, then that’s one of the possible signs he or she may come back. 

Though their arrival is not obvious, however, your positive thoughts about your future love will align with them and may guide you both to rekindle once again.

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6. The universe is giving true signs that your soulmate is coming back.


We all know that life can be a roller coaster ride of emotions. But what may not be known is how your soul mate will handle the various ups and downs that life throws your way.

 If you have been looking for signs that your soul mate is ready to settle down and commit itself to you, look no further.

The universe begins to line up with loving signs and giving true signs that your soulmate is coming back.

The old self is tired and has no longer existed. You are the new soul in the body of the infinite being. And your soulmate is the light within you that can help you find your way home.

The soul feels that it’s ready to reunite with its beloved once again. 

But this time it’s not pushing you away — instead, it’s inviting you in! It’s time to stop giving up on each other, ready to forgive each other, and start actually living a new life. 

You may not know that your soul mate has been searching for you. So, if you allow each moment and begin to pay attention to nature, you will see love signs everywhere that the universe provides you.

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7. You start daydreaming about your soulmate again.

When you’re in love, there’s nothing that can stop the feeling. There might be misunderstandings, quarrels, and short-term separations that come up.

But nothing can stop the reunion when you are truly meant to be together. Because when you’re in love, everything is just about the soulful connection between each other.

Although there was a gap between you both, sometimes it’s good for each other’s sake to build a perspective on life that can help you to develop deeper relationships and love with utmost sincerity.

When you truly miss that person, randomly you might think that what if your soulmate comes back?

What amazing things he or she might do if only they could open their hearts and minds to show you their true transformation and love you in a way that’s really important in life.

So if you start daydreaming about their presence, this is one of the psychic signs your soulmate is coming soon.

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8. They apologize without being asked or trying to be in regular contact again.

The older we get, the more deeply we subconsciously realize that relationships are purely based on emotions.

Once, we resonate with others’ feelings and understand each other’s psyche. We will become conscious of our actions.

For example, we will come to know when to compromise, sacrifice a little bit of our time, and confess our mistakes to our loved ones.

Similarly, sending a simple “I’m sorry.” Message or getting extra attention can have a profound effect on our mood.

After a long time, if your soulmate sent you an apology in the right way, it could also signal that they are trying to reconnect and planning to begin your relationship again.

New research shows that sending these types of messages or communication has a greater impact on emotions. 

Studies have also shown that when someone sends apology messages or seeks forgiveness or simply texts a positive message, that represents they have experienced a great realization and are willing to put all their energies into making things right. 

Therefore, it’s one of the natural signs your soulmate is coming back for the better and for your relationship’s sake.

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9. They reappear on social media after staying away for a long time.

Despite that, you both have some hardships. People who love you unconditionally are not going to lose you from their lives.

If they are really your soulmates, they definitely want to spend the rest of their lives with you, and nothing is going to stop if you both do not give up on each other.

So, after a long pause or break from social life, if you see your soulmate again on social media then it’s a positive sign.

Also, if they are trying to give you signals such as keeping your photo as their display picture, writing love messages that resonate with your past relationship, or conveying some kind of visual message through videos then there is a possibility that they are trying their best to reconnect with you. 

This is truly one of the sure signs your soulmate is coming on your way. If you are really interested in allowing them into your perhaps, you should respond with a positive message and start your love life all over again.

10. They do kind things for you.

Suddenly out of the blue, they appear in your life. Their attitude towards you begins to change and they’re giving witty hints in small talk. They begin to talk about old times. They buy gifts and flowers. They apologize for no reason. They listen to you more.

They started hanging out with you more. They miss you and can’t stop thinking about you. They start offering you casual touches.

They ask about your well-being or how you are doing after being silent for a while.

All these gentle actions are very obvious signs your soulmate is coming back and wants to continue being with the rest of your life with a fresh touch of love.

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