What does it mean to be alive? Realize the essential aspects of life.


What a life! Such a marvelous feeling of being alive. One moment in the thought, one moment on the terrain. Each moment of a dream living in real, together as oneness.

What a feeling! Flying on two feet connected to the grounds with two wings wide open. Allowing the messages of the spirits right into the guts to be blessed with powers.

What a spirit! Equal to the source of its life and end of the watch. Carrying the whole world in its heart with a great responsibility, waiting for its final call. To rest in peace.

Life, love and liberty.

To be alive is equal to freedom. Always feed the mind with the righteous thoughts that lead you to the life. Let your soul tune with the vibrations of nature and give birth to the miracle.

If the current state of your existence closed the doors to your vision. Just remember.

“Out of all the essential aspects of life, the moral philosophy is to breathe.”

Realize, it’s time to rise and breathe to inspire.

Yours author,
Naveen Bommakanti.

If my thoughts inspired you to move towards your goals, I appreciate if you give your valuable feedback and share this inspiration to your beloveds and to the world.

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Never be afraid to make mistakes.

What does it mean to be alive? Realize the essential aspects of life.

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