Positive thoughts into the future

Last updated on August 27th, 2020 at 04:43 pm

We often go through the unfamiliar passages of life. 

Possibly in the distant future everything will be shattered. Even the dreams will be disappeared before their realization.

We will slowly understand the surroundings of our life, starting from the deepest layers of our heart. We will realize the questions that consuming our soul. Soon or later the answers will find their source to retreat us with the comfort of their truth.

The philosophy of our life will begin to believe in everything and nothing.

We will aim to achieve the unknown heights with the never ending effort of our patience.

The life will remind us to question our instincts. Every path we choose either direct us one step closer to our destiny or a thousand miles away from it.

If we fail to gather the signs it is trying to convey, the concept of our existence will redirect to an entirely another level of understanding about the whole creation. And end up with a whole different life. Which may be worse or worse unless we accept our incapability of understanding and learn how to deal with it.

However we act, it will smile at us with different meaning.

The people who are in our life can be misguidance to our intuition or the positive impact of our self-discovery. Whomever we choose will reflect to our intelligence and become the path of our evolution. 

At times, they become the very source of our destruction when their intentions fail to meet our aspirations.

Everything will be faded and dusted for a certain period and the life will continue to test us over and over again until we come to our senses and experience the truth.

No matter what, wherever the fate put us in! We will always find a way to break our delusions.

With every lesson we realized, the boarders of our soul become stronger than its former mate. We will allow everything but with a conscious choice

Everything will come and go without any warning, we will learn to move on with the baggage of their memories protecting your heart for the next close-up.

All these encounters, separations, hurts, memories, pain, unions and reunions. We will swim all these storms. In the process we lose our shares, burn our energies, we will be hit by the thoughts of our vision and by the acts of our past.

However, nothing matters. The only thing that inspires us, is the courage to allow everything.

Even everything chooses to fail us, I know we will take every test with such a passion to reform our hidden authority and become wiser than ever before.

I hope we will not just survive but live unto the fullest and become the author of our yearning book. We will reach to our ultimate self and never look back. Because there we know, here is just a life and nothing more.

Naveen Bommakanti.

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  1. Just want to say that a lot on here is very inspiring keep doing what you do your doing a great job

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