100 Good questions to ask people

By: Naveen B

Humans are curious by nature. We feel an urge to get to know more about the people around us and constantly seek connection and build healthy relationships.

But this is often a complicated process, difficult to deal with and a lot of times uncomfortable.

We can’t just sit alone and wait for someone to initiate a conversation.

Sometimes it is better to take the lead to break the ice and consider some good questions to ask people.

In this article, you will discover some of the most engaging lists of 100 good questions to ask people on different topics in any situation to develop deeper conversations and strong bonds.

100 Good questions to ask people


The following is a list of 100 Good questions to ask people:

1. Who’s Been Important In Your Life? 

Family, friends, and significant others all contribute to our lives in some way. Who has been most important in shaping who you are today? This is a good question to ask people.

2. What Is One Thing You Wish More People Knew About You?

Sometimes we don’t realize how much of an impact we’ve made on other people’s lives until they tell us first hand.

Try getting them to open up more by asking them what they wish others knew about them most!

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3. What Was Your First Impression Of Me When We Met?

Let them take the time to describe what they thought of you during that first encounter. They may have seen something in you that nobody else did at the time!

4. Where Were You Five Years Ago Today?

Remembering where we were five years ago can be both empowering and depressing at times.

Find out where your friends were five years ago and why it was meaningful for them at the time! 

5. What Are Three Words That Describe Yourself?

Many people struggle with self-doubt because they never fully accept themselves.

So what words come to mind when you think of yourself? Asking someone for three words can provide deep insight into their personality without overwhelming them.

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6. What Makes You Angry?

Anger is not a bad emotion; sometimes anger fuels us to move forward in life and make changes. 

However, if someone gets angry often, then it could indicate something deeper going on inside of them like depression or anxiety! 

7. What Makes You Happy?

Happiness is subjective. You may have one person telling you one makes them happy while another person says something different. What makes you happy? 

8. What’s Your Favorite Memory?

Sharing memories with loved ones helps us heal and process events in our pasts.

It also shows those around us that we care enough to remember what once was beautiful in our lives.

9. What Gives You The Will To Go On?

Life can be tough, but there are always moments of hope hidden within the darkness. What is something that gives you the will to keep going?

10. What Are Your Random Daydreams?

Often, we have a hard time living in the present. What are your thoughts of the future and what are your hopes and dreams?

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Good questions to ask people to get to know them


Here is a list of good questions to ask people to get to know them deeper and better:

11. What Is Your Greatest Fear?

Fear is only natural, but it can hold us back from doing things that scare us. Share your fears with them to see what they’re afraid of too!

12. What Do You Do To Relax And De-stress?

Some people prefer to relax by reading a book, listening to music, or watching their favorite television show. What are your favorite methods of relaxing? 

13. What Would You Like To Be Remembered For?

This question is a big one! Not everyone knows what they want to be remembered for in life and it can be a difficult task to figure it out. But the answer may surprise you!

14. Who Is Your Biggest Role Model?

Role models are people we admire and look up to. What are the qualities that your role model possesses that you would like to incorporate in your own life?

15. What Makes You Feel Secure?

Security is a feeling of well-being and comfort. What makes you feel secure in life?

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16. What’s Your Secret Fantasy?

If we had no consequences, what would we do differently in our lives? Your friends may have a secret fantasy they haven’t dared to share with anyone! 

17. What Do You Want To Accomplish This Year?

It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about them and empathize with their feelings. 

18. If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

 Everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves- this question is one way of finding out what it is! 

19. Who’s Your Favorite Disney Character?

Many of us grew up watching Disney movies, so this question can lead to some great nostalgia and good conversation! 

20. Where Would You Like To Travel But Haven’t Yet?

It also helps them know what they’re feeling and that they’re not alone.

Good questions to ask people about themselves


Here are some Good questions to ask people about themselves:

21. When was the last time you cried?

We often don’t understand why someone is crying, so this question will give them an opportunity to reflect on their reasons for tears. 

22. Where is Your Favorite Place To Be Alone?

It is important to have time alone so that you can enjoy some peace and quiet without interruptions. 

23. If You Had One Wish, What Would It Be?

Some people may not know what they want out of life so this question will give them an opportunity to think about it more deeply and come up with an answer that is special for them. 

24. How Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words?

It might be difficult for them to answer, but it is important because it can reveal feelings and struggles they may not know how to articulate. 

25. Are You Up To Date On Technology?

When it comes to technology, we need to make sure that we’re up-to-date on all of the latest trends and devices. 

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Good questions to ask a group of people

Here is a list of Good questions to ask a group of people:

26. Who Has Been Your Favorite Entrepreneur And Why?

27. If I Could Give You One Thing, What Would It Be?

28. What would happen if Earth were destroyed?

29. What are your thoughts on God?

30. If I had to live my life again, would I change anything?

31. Why are certain items considered as lucky charms and what are they linked to?

32. When did Mankind invent language and how has language evolved through history?

33. How were languages developed around the world or what were they like thousands of years ago before written languages were invented?

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Good questions to ask high people

The following is a list of Good questions to ask high people:

34. What is the meaning of life?

35. What is the origin of life?

36. What is the difference between human and animal?

37. How does life start?

38. What is life’s purpose?

39. How are we going to change the world?

40. What are the possible dangers in knowing the answers to these questions?

41. How come we have all these questions that no one can answer?

42. What’s holding you back from reaching your full potential?

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Good questions to ask famous people

Here are some Good questions to ask famous people:

43. What’s your greatest fear?

44. What makes you happy or angry when you wake up in the morning?

45. What parts of your day make you feel good or bad at the end of it?

46. What’re your hopes and dreams for yourself and others?

47. What kind of creature would want to be friends with you?

48. What if there were two creatures who wanted to be friends with me and I couldn’t decide who I liked better?

Good questions to ask drunk people

Here is a list of Good questions to ask drunk people:

49. Do we choose our parents or is it fate?

50. Why do I get into such terrible moods sometimes and have no idea why?

51. How do you control your emotions?

52. What’s the most important thing in your life right now?

53. Where do you see yourself in five years?

54. Do you believe anyone else is out there besides us humans?

55. Is there a heaven and a hell?

Good questions to ask new people

These are some Good questions to ask new people:

56. What does friendship mean to you?

57. What did you dream about last night?

58. What was the last movie you watched, or book you read?

59. How old do you think I am (when asked by someone younger)?

60. What are some things that worry you about the future of humanity?

61. Do You Think Robots Will Take Over The World Someday And Humans Become Extinct As A Species?

Good questions to ask old people

Here is a list of Good questions to ask old people:

62. How do you maintain your inner peace?

63. What type of music do you listen to, and why?

64. Which is more important: happiness or success?

65. How would you describe me based on my personality so far?

66. What do you think about bad things that happen to good people?

67. Do you think people should die no matter what?

Good questions to ask about people or yourself

Here are a few Good questions to ask about people or yourself:

68. Are there any other thoughts, feelings, desires, concerns that people want to know about themselves?

69. Any final words for readers looking to go on an adventure in their minds or their lives?

70. Does being scared or having regrets ever stop you from doing something?

71. What’s the best advice you would give to me?

72. What’s your favorite quote and why is it your favorite?

73. How do you know that I’m not just making everything up in my head?

74. What are your plans for tomorrow?

75. How would you describe today, or yesterday, in one word?

Good questions to ask people on tinder

Here is a list of some really Good questions to ask people on tinder or any other dating social media sites:

76. What is your relationship status?

77. What’s the best thing that happened to you in the past year?

78. What are you excited for next year?

79. How do you want to be remembered after you die?

80. What is your earliest memory?

81. What are you looking forward to in the next week?

82. What are you afraid of?

83. How would you feel if I said that I love you?

84. What is your spirit animal, and why do you think it’s that particular animal?

Good questions to ask to get to know people

The following are some best Good questions to ask to get to know people deeply:

85. If we had the power to live forever, would that be a blessing or a curse?

86. What could we do with technology and science that would be exciting or scary for humanity’s future?

87. What are you passionate about?

88. What do you like to do for fun?

89. What is your favorite color?

90. Do you think a real-life version of this game show would be successful?

Good psychological questions to ask people

Here are some of the Good psychological questions to ask people:

91. What is your favorite psychology book?

92. How would you handle it if I told you that I’m in love with you, but I don’t know what the feeling means or how to act on it and I need your help figuring it out?

93. What are your thoughts on people having ADHD or Bi polar disorder?

94. What do you do when your emotions control you?

95. What are you good at psychology or philosophy or science?

96. How would you define a perfect day for you?

97. What’s the nicest thing that anyone has done for you in the past month?

98. What is your personality type based on Myers briggs?

99. What drives your behavior, feelings or thoughts?

100. Would you plan to become a psychologist?

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