Path to success: Lesson from ancient mountains.

Path to success: Lesson from ancient mountains.

Yet! If you didn’t discover the truth – Know the importance of destruction (called- pain, suffering, sacrifices and failures) – That Today’s Gigantic mountains we see on our ancient earth, were the result of the tectonic forces which influenced them to realize their power.

Millions of years ago these mountains were sleeping under the bed of the sea, for millions of years collecting surface of sediments slowly – layer by layer like history pages. 

Preparing themselves to rise and shine. In order to conquer the world with their magnificent content gathered in their every layer that takes us back to the beginning of time. To bring clarity to our forbidden souls. To make us realize that – “The path to success is the work that takes a great deal of time and patience.”   

If you resonate your present moment to the story of these maha mountains. If you are struggling to breathe in the depths of suffering. Do not fear the pain. Do not try to quit. Learn the lesson from these ancient mountains. Take it as the source of inspiration and move along with the present.

Every destruction is good if you receive its true message. It only creates the way, removes the clouds that surrounded our sight. And uplifts our understanding. Perceive not only the fruitful future but also the past bitterness that helps to realize the importance of pain in the path to success.

When you understand, where you are, what you are up to and where it leads you to. Soon there comes a day and that day the dream comes true. The pain will be gone. The dark memories will be lost in the shadows of time and no longer will it be yearning to be felt.

 Thus, it gives birth to the new life. However, it is in our control to guide our own life the way we wish to live. But before that it is important to know that the main thing is with the mind. So protect it with your thoughts. Then survive and shine.

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