60 Questions no one wants to answer (Awkward, deep, dirty & sexual)

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By: Naveen B

Sometimes we want to ask the questions no one wants to answer. Because, humans are inherently curious minds that make us and force us to know more about the things around us. Especially about people that we are close to and the others whom we don’t like.

We have a natural desire to better or worse our situation as well as to understand what is going on around us.

It has been argued that humans are born into a constant state of being: we must learn everything possible out of curiosity and longing to survive.

So, some people ask Embarrassing questions only because they want to know what answers could possibly come out of the other person’s mouth.

And sometimes the answer, though unpleasant or even horrifying, would at least have provided them some food for thought.

In this article you will uncover a random list of 60 Deep, funny, awkward, dirty, sexual and uncomfortable questions that no one wants to answer.

Questions no one wants to answer


Here is a list of Thought provoking and Deep questions no one wants to answer:

1. How much black money is in your bank account? And where do you save those illegal money?

2. Have you ever molested someone?

3. When is it appropriate to kill another human being?

4. How often do you consume drugs?

5. Does your partner know that you cheat on him/her?

6. How often do you bribe police for the crimes you do?

7. Why do I feel that you are an Evil person?

8. Have you ever considered suicide, and if so, why haven’t you done it yet?

9. Have you ever murd#red someone and still no one knows about it?

10. Is there anything you’ve done to your family members and they disappeared from your life forever?

11. Are you a narcissist?

12. What’s your deepest darkest secret?

13. What happens if you and your family members all lose their lives in the same accident? Your assets will then be inherited by whom?

14. What is the one thing that you don’t want to share with anyone until your death?

15. When are you going to plan your next robbery?

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Uncomfortable, Embarrassing truth questions that no one wants to answer


The following are some of the most uncomfortable, embarrassing truth questions no one wants to answer in a truth or dare game; or in a general conversation when you are trying to get to know them:

1. How much money would it take for you to sleep with someone?

2. Have you ever thought of making out with your family members?

3. Have you been completely drunk and slept in the middle of the road for the whole night?

4. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done while drunk?

5. If you and your sibling were stuck in a room for a year, what things would you do that don’t meet societal rules?

6. What country do you dislike because of their color?

7. What is the weirdest item you kept inside your b#tt h#le?

8. Are you a psychopath?

9. Do you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?

10. Are you pregnant right now?

11. Ever thought of abortion because of underage or family issues?

12. To which animal you are prone to attract s#xually and emotionally?

13. Have you ever forcefully s#duced someone?

14. Have you ever impregnated a woman and told no one about it?

15. Would you k#ll others to protect yourself?

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Dirty, Sexual and Awkward questions no one wants to answer

Here is a list of Naughty, dirty, nasty, and awkward questions nobody wants to answer which are sexual and kinky in nature:

1. What is the size of your pen#s?

2. What is the size of your bra and panty 

3. How often do you squeeze your b##bs? 

4. How many times do you touch your private parts? 

5. Do you use a s#x t#y on yourself? 

6. What are your three favorite s#xual fantasies? 

7. Have you ever had a s#xual experience with someone other than your partner, if so what was it like? 

8. What’s it like to be a p#rn st#r? Have you ever thought of it? 

9. Are you really bis#xual or pans#xual? 

10. What’s it like being a nudist?

11. Who do you imagine when you mast#rb#ate? 

12. What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done to a stranger? 

13. What three things would you like to do to yourself when no one is around? 

14. How would you define your style of clothing? 

15. Are you a stripper or a voyeur, or both?

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16. What color underwear are you wearing right now? 

17. Have you ever tasted your own excrete? 

18. Have you ever thought of sleeping with everyone you meet in your life? 

19. How often do you spy on others’ bedrooms? 

20. Which position is more painful to you and that you don’t want to share?

21. Do you talk dirty to each other during s#x?

22. With how many genders and people you had physical intimacy with so far?

23. How many times have you had s#x this week with someone who is very older than you?

24. How often do you use protection during s#x?

25. Have you ever taken advantage of someone while they were drunk or high?

26. Have you ever shared any s#xually transmitted diseases with anyone else?

27. Do you send n#ked pictures of yourself to people?

28. How old were you when you saw someone n#ked for the first time and who is that person?

29. Is there anything that’s too kinky for you and your partner to try and what is it?

30. Have you ever thought of foursome?

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