100 Questions no one asks ever(deep, funny & weird discussions about random things in life)

By: Naveen B

There are so many questions no one asks ever in our day-to-day lives. While the answers to many such of life’s most perplexing questions might elude us.

There are still plenty of topics that hold the power to blow our minds with their unfathomable mysteries.

You’ll never believe what these bizarre questions are. So in this article check out this list of 100 Questions no one asks for discussions. So, prepare to be amazed.

100 Questions no one ever asks


Here is a list of 99+ Questions nobody asks ever: (Deep, weird and funny)

1. Have you ever thought of marrying everyone you meet?

This is such an embarrassing question no one will ever think of asking anyone.

Did you really think of it all the time? What are the chances of meeting your soulmate while walking down the street? What do you think love really is? Do you believe in fate or destiny?

2. Will something come out of nothing again and start another big bang, repeating the whole cycle all over again?

This is one of the questions nobody asks for sure. We don’t know and it’s unlikely that anyone will be around to find out.

The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate which means galaxies will eventually become too far apart from each other. We are not sure if this is going to happen in the distant future but who knows?

3. Is there any way to die whenever you want and come back to life?

Unfortunately, not really. As soon as your heart stops beating your cells stop working and after some time without oxygen your brain starts shutting down before you finally stop breathing.

That said, this is also one of the mind blowing questions that no one asks.

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4. Would you rather dare to be killed by others or by yourself?

This is such a weird and scary question no one ever asks. Even if someone asks, how do you feel about that though?

5. Do you count each breath everytime you breathe?

How often have you been asked this question? I guess no one really asks this interesting question to anyone.

Because, generally nobody will take time to think that deeply to come up with such thought provoking questions.

6. Why do banks charge a fee on insufficient funds when they know there is not enough money?

This is such a question no one has ever asked me personally. And there is no definitive answer to this question because bank fees are never set in stone.

A bank may decide to waive a certain fee based on your account balance, relationship with the bank or credit score.

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7. How far down do you have to go to reach rock bottom?

How would you describe what rock bottom is and how do you know when you’ve found it?

We may never know since there is no bottom to rock, but we could get close. If you get a chance would you dare to try?

8. If you had to live alone on a deserted island forever, how would you survive?

No one asks this question and unfortunately, it would be a lifelong imprisonment if you had that situation. 

You might need to explore the island for food and water sources but even then things won’t be easy especially if you are unlucky enough to end up on a remote desert island with little natural resources.

9. Why is spaghetti always served with a side of meatballs?

That’s a very good question no one ever asks and one that is difficult to answer. It seems as if meatballs are the go-to dish for spaghetti but we’re not entirely sure how they became the norm.

10. Are you a gay or a lesbian or pans#xual?

This is such a personal question and nobody really has the right to ask that. Everybody deserves privacy so people should respect them by being mindful of their words.

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11. Does size matter?

This is an important topic but one that people seldom talk about nowadays and rarely ask. But, the truth is that, 

According to a small survey, women do not believe size matters to their overall sexual satisfaction. Approximately 84% of women reported being satisfied with the size of their partner, while another 2% indicated they wanted a smaller partner penis.

That said, this depends on the perspective of each person as each person needs and personal desires are different.

Funny questions nobody asks


Here is a list of amazing questions that nobody asks for fun:

12.Who was the last person you slept with?

13. What’s your favorite kind of torture?

14. What’s your least favorite death sentence?

15. Which eye are you more dominant in: left or right?

16. Would you win in a fight against Batman and Iron Man?

17. What color underwear are you wearing now?

18. What’s the last thing you ate at someone’s funeral?

19. Do you plan on eating grass for the rest of your life?

 20. Were you born alive or dead?

 21. You only get to keep ONE sense for the rest of your life; which one would it be?

 22. Can you imagine living without being able to see?

 23. Can you eat without smelling everything that comes to your mouth?

 24. Can you plan your own death?

 25. When was the last time you pooped in your pants?

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Deep questions no one asks


The following are some Good Thought provoking and deep questions nobody asks:

 26. What are your thoughts about life after death?

 27. Have you ever contemplated suicide?

 28. When will we finally discover aliens if they exist at all?

 29. What is the animal you want to have an emotional connection with?

 30. What’s the scariest thing you have done to your siblings?

 31. Is there a heaven up in the sky?

 32. How many chicken wings are you planning to have in your lifetime?

 33. What does true love mean to you?

 34. Should abortion be legal or illegal?

 35. Has anyone told you their deepest secrets before?

 36. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, what is the craziest ghost story you’ve heard from someone else before?

 37. Why can’t you see God?

 38. What makes hell look like paradise?

 40. In what religion do people believe in reincarnation?

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Random questions that no one asks

Here is a list of crazy and random questions that no one ever asks:

 41. How close is too close when it comes to kissing someone else besides your significant other?

 42. How often should people bathe?

 43. If life is like a box of chocolates, how do you choose your flavor?

 44. How does alcohol affect brain function?

 45. If you could spend the day anywhere in the world with anyone who passed away, where would you go and who would you bring?

 46. When would human consciousness be ready to be uploaded into a computer?

 47. What would happen to you in the afterlife?

 48. What is your definition of loneliness?

 49. Why do zombies attack humans?

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Weird questions no one asks


Here is a list of Great stupid and weird questions no one asks:

 50. What is the difference between weird and strange?

 51. Why do you have to grow old and die?

 52. How come when you’re sad, the tears come streaming down your face but when you’re happy, they barely trickle?

 53. How come it takes a lot of energy to do things for ourselves but much less for others?

 54. Where would ancient Rome’s Colosseum be today?

 And what about Mayan temples?

 55. What makes freedom so great is that nobody can take it from you; that includes other people, social norms, or even governments?

 56. Can near death experience give us any information about what happens after we die?

 57. How can the human psyche help robots understand human emotions?

 58. Even if you don’t like math, how does it help shape our lives and how do we make sense of this phenomenon?

 59. Does flow chart diagramming really teach logic and understanding?

 60. How many types of literary devices are there and which ones are most important to know?

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Intriguing questions no one asks

Here is a list of intriguing questions no one asks about life and world:

 61. What are some creative ways people use body language to express themselves instead of words?

 62. Why do sad people cry more than happy people?

 63. If happiness is a choice , then why do bad things happen to good people?

 64. Why am I not entitled to my own opinions?

 65. What is the big deal about being vegan?

 66. Where would animals go after death?

 67. Why did certain species die out?

 68. Why are black holes important to study?

 69. What would happen if everyone was born male or female and all babies were the same gender?

 70. What influences do gender differences play on society?

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Interesting questions that no one ever asks

Here is a list of interesting questions that no one ever asks to get to know you:

 71. Who decides what clothes we wear every day and why should I care about fashion trends?

 72. What is the meaning of everything else?

 73. How do bodies fight off infection?

 74. If humans and animals coupled up, then wouldn’t the end result be an animal-human hybrid?

 75. If someone has high self-esteem, is that person conceited?

 76. How are dreams related to sleep cycles?

 77. Is there such a thing as overthinking?

 78. Is it possible to become paralyzed by stress?

 79. Do the tides actually come in and out or do they just seem like they do because of Earth’s rotation around the sun?

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Questions to ask yourself that no one ever asks

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself that nobody asks you:

 80. Why is it difficult to find your purpose?

 81. What are the different personality disorders and how do they manifest?

 82. How did bullying start and why do people bully?

 83. What would happen if the ice caps melted completely?

 84. How do we stop climate change?

 85. What are the consequences of climate change?

 86. How do you know if you’re going crazy?

 87. What are the causes of paranoia?

 88. How do we manage chronic pain?

 89. What are the symptoms of death?

 90. What if there is no single answer to every question?

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Best questions that nobody ever asks

Here is a list of best questions that no one ever asks about people, space, universe and animals:

91. What if you already know the answer, but are afraid to admit it?

92. What if we’re all just trying to figure out how to keep going when there’s no end in sight?

93. Do ancient aliens exist?

94. What time does animals wake up?

95. Why do people have to die?

96. Is there a god and does he have any say in my life?

97. Does good always triumph over evil?

98. Does intuition count as a sixth sense?

99. What makes existence worth living?

100. Does anything really matter?


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