150 Questions that need answers

It’s no secret we humans love to ask questions. Especially the mind boggling questions that need answers.

There’s something about the fact that there’s an infinite number of questions that require answers with evidence.

Although, there are many questions about the existence that have been answered by science. 

Still, scientists can’t answer with science alone. There are infinite mysteries and unanswerable questions waiting to be answered.

How did universe begin and why it existed at all? Is the #1 question that need an answer.

In this article, you will uncover 100+ such mind blowing, funny, weird, Scientific and deep questions that need answers.

150 Questions that need answers


Here is a list of Questions that require answers and need to be answered.

1. If God is watching us, why doesn’t He stop us from doing bad things like killing each other? 

2. What was the first word spoken by human beings? 

3. Why are some people left-handed? 

4.  How do blind people know where they’re going if they can’t see anything? 

5. How many atoms make up a grain of sand? 

6. Why are there Republicans and Democrats, or for that matter, English people and Welsh people in Great Britain? 

7. If Cleopatra had been as tall as a typical woman today, how would history have been different?

8. Why does salt water taste salty? 

9. How did Jesus rise from the dead when he died on the cross?

10. Where did Hitler go after World War II?

11. Who came up with the world hippopotamus? 

12. Do we see what’s happening outside of our consciousness?

13. How to achieve enlightenment?

14. What is the ultimate fate of existence?

15. Can people turn to God after death?

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Weird questions that need answers


The following are some Strange, crazy and weird questions that need answers:

1. How can you tell if an apple is a Granny Smith?

2. Why are some people allergic to certain foods, like shellfish? 

3. What causes the dreaded pink eye infection? 

4. Is your computer secretly listening to you? 

5. Why do we yawn when we’re tired or bored? 

6. What’s inside of those deep-fried Twinkies we love so much at fairs and carnivals? 

7. If dogs dream about anything, what would they dream about? 

8. If left alone in a room with no light for 24 hours, how long would it take for me to go completely blind? 

9. How many times a day does the earth rotate on its axis? 

10. What is dry ice made out of?

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11. Who was Wonder Woman created by?

12. Why do some drugs cause weight gain while others cause weight loss? 

13. Are there any undiscovered diseases that could wipe out humanity? 

14. Is Ghost Ship Syndrome real? 

15. Can water droplets freeze into hexagonal shapes before they hit the ground?

Deep questions that require answers


Here is a list of Mind blowing and deep questions that need answering:

1. How do you know you’re not dreaming right now?

2. Can the existence of reality be determined through a thought experiment?

3. What is consciousness, and how does it arise in individuals?

3. What two words appear on U.S currency more than any others?

4. How many legs does a tripod have?

5. What is the fastest growing creature?

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6. Why does your voice sound different on recorded voicemails?

7. What’s more important: being happy or being right? 

8. Is there anything beyond the universe we live in? 

9. Is there intelligent life elsewhere in our galaxy? 

10. What makes something hard or soft? 

11. Where did all this water come from after the big bang? 

12. If water (H2O) were put into a vacuum, would it boil?

13. What’s one thing you would want with you if stranded on an island? 

14. What are some things made out of which can’t be seen with human eyes? 

15. What if there is no such thing as God?

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Science questions that need answers


Here is a list of Scientific questions that need to be answered

1. How would Aliens and humans communicate when they meet each other?

2. What makes life on other planets possible?

3. Where does gravity come from?

4. Do robots feel emotions like humans do in the distant future?

5. What is dark matter?

6. Is time travel possible?

7. Why is there something instead of nothing?

8. Why can’t we see antimatter galaxies?

9. Will we ever discover a planet made entirely of diamonds or gold?

10. Does sound exist in space?

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11. Can you get cancer from using cell phones? 

12. What was the earliest form of life on Earth? 

13. Why are some people taller than others? 

14. What is inside the black hole? 

15. What influenced the big bang to happen in the first place?

Funny questions that need answers


Here is a list of most hilarious and funny questions that need answers:

1. Why is sunday called sunday but not funday?

2. Which planet would I land on if I took off from Earth and pointed my rocket towards Mars?

3. Why do we have earwax?

4. What’s the name of the L in LL Cool J?

5. What’s with pickles, why are they so salty?

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6. Why don’t they sell rubber chickens at grocery stores anymore?

7. If humans were a tree, what kind of tree would they be?

8. How many feathers are there in a single bird wing?

9. What does it mean when someone says, you’re pushing my butts? 

10. If a dog is man’s best friend, why does it have four legs and a tail? 

11. What’s in a coffin before it’s buried? 

12. Where did all the water go after Noah’s flood? 

13. Is the wind made of air or water? 

14. What happens when you get scared half to death twice? 

15. What happened before, after came into existence?

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Big Questions that need to be answered

Here is a list of existential, philosophical and big questions that need to be answered:

1. What is the meaning of life?

2. What is the meaning of love?

3. Why do bad things happen to good people?

4. What happens before birth?

5. Why do we dream at night and also in the daytime?

6. Who am I?

7. How does the universe function?

8. Why am I here on Earth but not on Titan?

9. Where are we going after death?

10. Does God exist?

11. Does free will exist?

12. Is time travel possible?

13. Are aliens real?

14. Will artificial intelligence take over humanity one day?

15. If you could change anything about your past, what would it be?

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Stupid questions that need answers


Here is a list of Dumb and stupid questions that need answers and questions that make no sense:

1. Why are ‘expect’ and ‘anticipate’ two different words?

2. What is the last word in the English language?

3. How many languages are there in the world?

4. Where did sneeze come from?

5. Is a banana a vegetable or fruit?

6. Who invented poop?

7. Why can’t we just eat or drink but why do we do both? 

8. Why does my hair get greasy after I shower? 

9. Why are women not men?

10. Is it legal for a married couple to sleep in twin beds? 

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11. Why is 8 afraid of 7? 

12. Do babies come from heaven or hell? 

13. If you have one apple, three oranges, and four bananas, how many fruits do you have? 

14. Can sound travel through space without any help at all? 

15. Can someone breathe from their ears?

Questions that need answers after the breakup


The following are some good questions that need answers after the breakup:

1. Is it my fault?

2. Is he/she cheating on me? 

3. Does he/she want me back? 

4. Do I really need to go back to my ex? 

5. What will happen if I don’t get back together with him/her? 

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6. Should I just forget about the breakup and move on with my life? 

7. Why is he/she so mean to me after the breakup? 

8. Will we ever get married again in the future, if so when will we get married? 

9. How do I know whether or not we are compatible? 

10. How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future? 

11. What does he/she think of me now? 

12. How long does it take for someone to get over a breakup? 

13. Are there any ways to make sure our relationship doesn’t end up like this again? 

14. What did I do wrong? 

15. Am I still in love with him/her?

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Gandalf questions that need answering

Here is a list of Gandalf questions that need answering:

1. Why on earth would Saruman want to help Sauron? 

2. What happened in the Battle of Fornost? 

3. How many Rings did Sauron actually have at the end of the Third Age, and where are they now? 

4. Is Celeborn the wisest? 

5. Did Gandalf reveal the oldest living creature?

6. Who was the first wizard Gandalf ever met? 

7. Was Galadriel more powerful than Gandalf when she lived in Middle-earth? 

8. When is Bilbo’s birthday? 

9. When does Frodo go back to the Shire? 

10. Why do Aragorn and Boromir look so much alike? 

11. Why didn’t Legolas leave with Gimli and Aragorn after the War of the Ring? 

12. Who exactly is The Halfling Shirriff? 

13. Where are Elrond’s sons Elladan and Elrohir? 

14. Did the Nine Riders really die at Weathertop? 

15. Will the wizards who originally came from Numenor ever return to Middle-earth? 

16. Does Gandalf have any descendants? 

17. Did Faramir know about Frodo’s plan before he let him go free from Minas Tirith?

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