70+ Questions that keep you up at night and don’t let you sleep on days end

By: Naveen B

As long as humans have been around, we’ve looked to the stars and wondered what life means and why we’re here.

And every now and then, a few mind blowing questions that keep you up at night and don’t let you sleep even for days end.

Can we really become immortal? What’s on the other side of the black hole?

There are many such great mysteries and unanswerable questions in this world. Often science answered as many riddles of the universe as it could.

In this article, in order to keep your mind wondering about the existence and beyond. Here are 70 of the most perplexing questions that keep you up at night about everything. Keep wondering.

70+ Questions that keep you up at night


1. Why do some people survive horrific accidents and others don’t?

Were certain individuals put on Earth for a specific purpose? Do these people change anything about our world by being here? If so, how?

Are these lucky few special in any way other than getting a second chance at life while other less fortunate souls meet their fate soon after they are born, never having gotten a fair chance at all?

If you think too much about it, for sure this question will keep you up at night for days.

2. Why do souls leave the body after death?

It’s still an unanswered question that no one can answer. However, it might be because of electromagnetic fields or because the person’s energy is depleted or because of some other unknown reason.

This is for sure one of the most mind boggling questions that keep you awake at night.

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3. What are we living for if there are infinite universes?

Isn’t everything futile in the end? One popular answer is that maybe it’s because life itself serves a purpose, like evolving intelligent creatures who can marvel at beauty and appreciate the finer things in life -like music, poetry and art.

Maybe one day they’ll figure out their purpose, maybe they won’t-but they’ll keep trying anyway.

And while they’re trying they might as well enjoy themselves because what could be more futile than devoting your entire existence to accomplishing something you don’t even know whether you’re supposed to accomplish?

Have you ever wondered about this question and it didn’t let you sleep by thinking of it?

4. Is time travel possible?

This question about time travel can never be answered since traveling back in time would require breaking some of the fundamental laws of physics – namely laws like the speed of light is constant or the past can’t be changed.

But what if in the distant future science finds a way to make it possible.

Once we are able to time travel at the speed of light, so does our aging stop? Will we be able to live forever? These are some of the questions that keep you up at night.

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5. Why are humans afraid of death and do we feel pain when we die?

Scientists found that most cells in our body die every day and get replaced by new ones. Each person has around 10 billion cells; therefore, there are always 10 billion new cells waiting to replace the old ones.

Isn’t it awesome? If they die every day, why don’t we feel pain when they die? Scientists say that when cells die naturally, their membranes ruptured spilling their contents into surrounding tissues.

It is because of these chemicals that make up a cell membrane (e.g., proteins) and leaked out into other tissues that cause inflammation and pain.

Even though cells may die everyday due to natural causes, people often fear death because they don’t know what will happen afterwards.

But, still, the thought of death itself won’t let you sleep once if we are obsessed with such mind boggling questions.

6. Why is there something rather than nothing?

It seems as if there should be nothing instead of something.

The question, why is there something rather than nothing? may never be able to be answered because in all probability, everything had a beginning and it could very well have been created by someone who came before us.

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7. What if you will never get over someone hurt and cheated on you? Will you always be alone?

Many of us have been there in that situation. Constantly thinking all day and night about your love. It’s hard not to think about the loss of a loved one or about someone you love hurt you or left you.

But there are ways to cope with these things and sometimes people have the wrong idea. You could try to forget them and focus on yourself instead, but this is easier said than done and it takes time.

If they are still in your life and hurting you, then confronting them might help too.

There are also other options such as going out with friends or joining clubs where you meet new people so it doesn’t seem like every day is an unending stream of lonely thoughts.

8. Why are humans conscious, yet we don’t know what consciousness is or where it comes from?

This is such a mind boggling question which keeps you awake at night. What is it and where does it come from? These are very deep and hard questions to answer as we have no idea how consciousness or even thought works.

We don’t know what happens when we sleep, but despite being unable to do so, some scientists think we might be able to map out consciousness in our brain so we can get a better understanding of what goes on in there when our conscious mind falls asleep.

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9. Does mankind need science and technology or spirituality too?

Some people say we should use spirituality while others say we should only rely on science and technology.

Those who believe in only using spiritualism believe man needs more than just science and technology to thrive.

Some may argue that society would crumble without both worlds, while others say that scientific progress would halt without those who believe in spiritualism.

But maybe mankind needs both the physical world (science) and the metaphysical world (spirituality) to thrive. But this question is worth seeking and realizing what suits you best.

10. Why is the world so beautiful and at the same time so miserable?

The world is often seen as both good and bad because everything in the world affects each other.

The beauty of nature juxtaposed against wars, hunger, poverty, etc. often makes people wonder why things are the way they are.

However there is no clear answer to this question because life isn’t black and white; things aren’t perfect nor terrible all the time – it changes based on context and perspective.

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11. What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life might not ever be found because it could very well depend on who an individual is when they are alive and what they are doing at that time in their lives. 

12. What happens after death?

We will likely never know what happens after death since it seems like our bodies just disappear or stop functioning once we die,

So far science has not been able to find any evidence of anything continuing after death. Even if it keeps us awake at night, we can ponder this question for days on end, yet we won’t come to any conclusion.

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Funny questions that keep you up at night


Here is a list of Hilarious questions that keep you up at night funny:

13. How many times do we dry under the sun in our lifetime?

14. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

15. What’s in a name that is not in a pet name?

16. Ever wonder why your voice sounds different on recorded voicemails?

17. Do babies come from heaven or hell?

18. Why do eyeballs come out when you sneeze with your eyes open?

19. What happens if you don’t breathe for 5 hours when you are in a plane?

20. Why don’t people live naked in summers?

21. How to become successful without doing any work?

22. Why do I behave the way I do?

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Stupid questions that keep you at night

Here is a list of weird, stupid and dumb questions that will keep you up at night:

23. Is sleeping necessary at night when you can dream in the daylight?

24. Who is responsible for dreaming of naughty things at night?

25. Did dinosaurs go to heaven after their extinction?

26. When did human beings start dating multiple people for the first time?

27. Why is there so much garbage in this world?

28. Can humans sleep through an earthquake?

29. What would happen if there was a global blackout tonight?

30. Why are clouds white and some are blackish but not yellow?

31. Why is my tummy growing very large even if I am not eating at all?

32. What will be the result when an ant mates with an elephant?

33. How do clouds stay up in the sky without falling down?

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Deep questions that don’t let you sleep


Here is a list of thought provoking and deep questions that don’t let you sleep:

34. How long is eternity?

35. Where does everything go when the universe dies?

36. What will happen when time stops?

37. How long will Earth last before natural resources run out?

38.  What would happen if something prevented all light from reaching Earth?

39. Is heaven a real place or just another word for nirvana? 

40. What happens when someone loses their mind during the course of their lifetime?

41. What if you will never find your soulmate?

42. If there is no death then what does it mean to be alive?

43. Why do we never seem to achieve peace on earth?

44. Will time ever stop?

45. Do we ever live up to our own expectations?

46. Why does the world need an urgent change now?

47. Which principles should we uphold so as to make this change happen? 

48. What is your answer to these unsolved mysteries and life’s greatest questions? 

49. What would happen if someone invented a machine that could tell us how much life we have on earth?

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Existential Questions to keep you up at night


The following are some existential questions to keep you up at night about life, love and the universe.

50. Does it really matter where we end up when we die?

51. Are reincarnation and karma just stories to make us feel better about our lives here on earth? 

52. What will become of humanity in 100 years time? 

53. How can we measure love? 

54. Why does matter exist? 

55. Could something more advanced than human intelligence exist in other parts of the Universe?

56. Is reality real or is it just a figment of our imagination?

57. What is the goal of life?

58. Is there any proof that people with mental illnesses or disorders have paranormal abilities that others don’t have and if so, does that include psychics and mediums too?

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Spiritual, Philosophical and scientific Questions that keep you awake at night


Here is a list of spiritual, philosophical and scientific questions that keep you awake at night about the world, society and everything.

59. When will scientists discover the Grand Unified Theory of Everything (GUT)? 

60. Will humanity survive Climate Change (CC)? 

61. Is there any way to travel faster than light speed? 

62. Can we build warp drives? 

63. What are the frontiers of knowledge? 

64. Have extraterrestrial beings visited Earth? 

65. Has anyone been to the center of black holes and returned safely back to Earth?

66. Do scientists know how to create new particles like photons or electrons?

67. Have scientists found any evidence that aliens from another planet may have come here before humans existed on Earth?

68. What is your opinion about UFOs?

69. Is it possible that ETs came to Earth because they were trying to warn us about climate change and save us from ourselves?

70. Why did the Industrial Revolution occur in England first?

71. What does science say about Supernatural powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, astral projection etc.?

72. Is there a balance between science and spirituality?

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