Now we ignore their presence, later we regret their betrayal – The unfortunate true love.


Have you ever loved by someone truly?
But not paid full attention to them just because you got them easily. Also, the fact that they are completely on to you. So, you took full advantage of their kindred heart and felt superior.
Once they left, regretted later that you didn’t give your complete love to them which they supposed to deserve and now you are afraid that you won’t get such person in the course of your future.
The reality is, we are not sure about the encounter of similar souls. But the truth is s/he will never return to you ever again. That’s sad, you need to accept and learn to live with that regret for the rest of your life.

Pain fades but the memories hurt.

At a certain point in our life, we come across such souls who enter into our life accidentally and becomes one of the ultimate purposes of our life. They attracted towards our life because they felt underneath our skin there were some deep common values, a few native backgrounds which resonated with their souls.  They expected mutual salvation of the absolute warmth, comfort and tenderness to feel secured also believe that they found their other half to fill their void and to feel complete. Yet, Sometimes though we felt they are lovely humans, but we were foolish enough to recognize their value in our life. When the diamond itself executing its beauty, we were busy searching for exotic affection blinded by vague desires. That develops a great sense of regret in our lives. We ignored their worth, overlooked their love, neglected their precious time. They tried their best to give all and show the only side of life. But we ruined everything without even knowing that we were hurting them constantly. Because they never complained that they were being hurt by our harsh words, selfish actions and unforgivable attitude.

Pain fades but the memories hurt.

Suddenly, One particular day there were no signs of love, care and kindness. There was complete silence, we wait for their speech, long for their presence. But it was too late, we realized that they were gone and never be back. At that instance, the memories revised, thoughts gathered and everything was being realized. Pain begins, guilt restores, life becomes hell and just regret prevails. Finally, there is no coming back. We change forever in that pain longing for their return.  We can’t blame them for their leaving. It’s our ignorance and lack of empathy that caused the distressing situation. Thanks to them, they opened new doors to our seized hearts. They didn’t destroy anything but created a real view of us. They brought us to ourselves.  

Whatever happened in the past due to our own ignorance, a few lessons that our mistakes taught us and indirectly helped us to master them are:

  • We have become more sensitive in nature, feel the pain of others and respond to them without hurting anything.
  • Developed Imaginative, assumptions, and visionary wisdom. 
  • Matured strong enough to deal with life’s most tragic moments, we put more efforts in transcending our mindset, heartset and soulset.
  • Realized every action just to bring love, kindness and peace. Our thoughts attained the purity in its entirety.

Thus, People Truly come to our lives not by chance but to bring meaning to our shattered souls. To guide us to discover our unexplored selves and to bring us to our lost home. Always grateful for the world without any regret for showing us the path to reach our destiny. 
If we are truly in conscious awareness and empathetic from the beginning to other souls, every unfortunate encounter will end up with a fortunate true love. Peace.

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Now we ignore their presence, later we regret their betrayal – The unfortunate true love.

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