Keep feeding your soul.


Whatever is consuming your heart! Keep feeding it. Whatever possessed your soul! Let it reign in its power. Let it serve its strength with the triumph of its victory. And let it to grow stronger by believing it is ruling you.

Keep it burning by brightening your soul. Allow it to grow along with you. You do not panic. You do not make your heart weak. Remember to intake water in the appropriate range of liters per day to keep your body hydrated. Ingest all the essential diet into your anatomy in regular intervals and sleep is as essential as other routines. So does the physical exercise.

Hence, make it quality as equal to the thoughts of your mind. Don’t let your ignorance create the disturbance in your mind. The quality of one’s mind determines the quality of their future. The standard of your thoughts connected to the every aspect of your lifestyle and the world around you.

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts, “Thoughts are the beginning and end of everything. Even they have the power to end everything from the beginning.” So, be conscious with every choice you take and with each decision you make. They are the only assets you ever create to bring a meaning to your existence.

Thoughts are the beginning and end of everything. Even they have the power to end everything from the beginning.

So, invest your time in expanding your mind. They will reward you with their compound interest in unexpected ways to surprise you. The priceless assets that no one has the access to steal or attempt to impersonate. Your virtue of thoughts are beyond any material wealth that cannot be compared.

Don’t think of future, don’t think of past that upset you and don’t just be idle. Command actions to your nerves, to immerse in the work that create a life out of it. So that your energies will be balanced to focus on the passion you love.

Do not worry about the major changes that you are experiencing inside. Appreciate that your soul is expanding with the content of life that you are carrying in it. Time doesn’t heal anything which hurts your soul. However, you just become enough to adapt with such ill-fated destinies and deal it with your awareness, understanding and patience.

When you practice all these essential practical workouts that matters for your individual growth, then whatever consumes you from within has no power over you.

One day it will lose its patience by realizing how weak its evil conspiracy in front of your divine strength. Itself will help you to heal your soul. And you become stronger than ever. Wiser than before. Brilliant enough to understand the pain and its philosophy.

When your mind has outreached the skill of adaptation. And learned to be the warrior, to face any uncertainty. Nothing will ever have the power to destroy you. Because now you are not a victim. But a true warrior who has all strengths and strategies to recapture its own home righteously. And becomes the symbol of freedom for those who are aspiring for the great inspiration, to heal one’s soul and save the world from being doomed to death.

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Keep feeding your soul.

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