Stay in silence, your path will find you.

stay in silence

Out of all the noise running in the background of my surroundings, I chose to approach toward the self of my own in order to understand the actuality of thought and to realize the vision of my dream.

When everyone is moving along with the wind, I chose to seize the breath of every kind to live by the values of life’s virtues.

I am creating life in my mind, I am experiencing the future in these thoughts, I am dreaming, I’m unceasingly making mistakes by believing whatever my eyes witnessed is true.

The truth is not in the eyes which they see nor in the ears which they cannot seek. The truth sleeps always in the heart of one’s own waiting to be heard or recognized by the souls of righteous minds.

Wake up from your sleep, push yourself to halt in the storm, let the winds pass by, you stand on your steady feet prove yourself that the strength of your wit is stronger than the roar of the very windstorm or the noise of the world.

Stay in silence. One day you will feel everything in absolute clarity, your path will have the vision to your destiny. You will learn, learn and learn to move on.

Naveen Bommakanti

Stay in silence, your path will find you.

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