Prepare for death: The ultimate life goal is to die with legacy.

Prepare for death: The ultimate life goal is to die with legacy.

Last updated on August 27th, 2020 at 05:10 pm

The ultimate life goal is to die, Therefore, prepare for death and die with legacy. 

At least once in my lifetime I should experience the feeling of every single marvel as well as the most difficult situations that anyone could ever imagine and lived.

Then I should lose my connection with the people I knew and travel aimlessly around the world alone as a stranger.

Eat with the best people, earn the most prestigious name, fame and love from the people wherever I go.

Later die somewhere at one of the most beautiful corners of the universe.

People should desperately come in search of my body and then the entire universe should celebrate the last day of my breath as the most unique day in the entire history of mankind.

Naveen Bommakanti.

If my goal in life inspired you to rethink about your goals and take actions towards them. Leave your impressions in the comments and commit to your words.

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