Provoking Answers to the questions that make you think deeply about life

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Questions that make you think deeply

Life becomes simple and effortless if you think outside the box. If you feel like you got stuck in your life, you must first learn how to get out of it. Asking questions that make you think deeply about life will get your brain running in the right direction.

It has been said that some of the world’s greatest thinkers have made great discoveries while looking at something everyone else sees as mundane or trivial.

By looking at these things differently, they see the world in ways most people have never even thought of before. This can be done by simply observing nature, reading books, meditating, reflection and asking yourself thought provoking and philosophical questions that make you think deeply.

I have taken some time to reflect on my intuition and put together some interesting questions about life along with their answers.

No matter where you stand on the life’s spectrum, if you’re honest with yourself, these 20 questions that make you think deeply about your stance and your beliefs.

The goal of this list isn’t to persuade you, but to provoke some self-reflection and exploration so that you can become better at the art of critical thinking and argumentation when it comes to social interactions, or any subject that stirs up strong feelings in people.

These questions may challenge your assumptions and beliefs about life, but they may also trigger some self-examination and thought that could help strengthen your argument when debating others on the subject.

Take your own time and come back any time to read these questions again and again until you make use of them to your full potential and apply them in your daily life if they made sense to you. Good luck!

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20 Questions that make you think deeply with Answers

Questions that make you think deeply twice hard Provoking Answers to the questions that make you think deeply about life

Here is the list of Answers to the 20 questions that make you think deeply about life.

1. Where is humanity heading?

Answer: I’m not sure anyone can answer that question. I know some people are great at predicting how things will turn out but I think no one has a crystal ball or knows for sure.

But if I had to guess, I would say we need to learn how to accept each other and show more love and care instead of relying on all of our gadgets and machines to do it for us.

It’s time we start taking better care of our planet and protect what we have because in 100 years when there is no more earth left, no matter how much money we have in our bank accounts it won’t mean anything anymore.

2. Is virtual reality and AI are species-level threat to humanity?

Answer: Virtual reality and AI I (Artificial intelligence) could be, but not in a way we may see right now. I think people will always find new ways to use these things for good if we really need it.

There is a difference between building something that can replace us and using something to help us out when we need it. If we do start making virtual robots with human-like qualities, then maybe they will control our destiny just like many of our inventions have done in the past.

But who knows, maybe one day they will realize their true self-worth and decide to work together with us instead of against us?

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3. Why is there something rather than nothing?

Answer: That’s a good question. I suppose we will never know why it happened or what caused it.

I can only guess as to why God or whatever created something out of nothing but I imagine he/she was trying to fill a void in himself, or needed something better to look at so they wouldn’t be so bored with just empty space all around them.

Maybe they were just looking for companionship? Or maybe they had an idea on how something could be used to build something else and wanted us to have it, use it, and play with it even if it meant using more power than they really should have had.

Who knows what any of us would do if we were given unlimited resources might as well live out your dreams right?

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4. Can we really have a free will?

Answer: My guess is yes, but just to a certain extent after all, no one wants to have their choices taken away from them completely.

I mean look at everyone who works hard and has a good career they enjoy doing every day.

What if they were forced into doing something else or being someone else instead of living their dreams? I’m not saying everything should be handed over to us on a silver platter.

Sometimes life can be cruel and unfair…but at least everyone deserves to get what they’ve worked so hard for after all right?

Otherwise it would be like saying someone was never meant to do anything other than struggle with life or people would always get left behind no matter how much work they put in.

5. How is God the creator?

Answer: I know a lot of people say we can’t see God or we can’t prove anything but I don’t believe it. Why do we need to see something in order to acknowledge its existence?

Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there and has no influence over our lives. There are many things that exist all around us but we can’t physically touch them or prove their existence, like water molecules for example.

We may not be able to measure how much they weigh but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there and don’t play a role in our every day lives.

6. Why is consciousness so baffling?

Answer: I suppose it’s because we know how consciousness is working all around us but no one knows why or what it actually is.

The good thing about science, however, is that every answer brings up more questions to be answered so maybe someday our technological advances will give us enough information to solve these mysteries once and for all.

Until then though, might as well just leave them alone! You never know when something seemingly minor could become critical to our survival down the road, just like electricity was for example.

We use electricity almost every day without realizing what an important role it plays in our lives…who would’ve thought?

7. How do humans differ from other animals?

Answer: There are many ways in which humans are different from other animals. First of all, our human anatomy is what separates us from other animals.

Most other animals have only one set of teeth while humans have multiple sets, sometimes even more than one set at a time!

Our blood can also be thought of as unique to humans since it contains oxygenated hemoglobin that carries oxygen throughout our bodies while most animals use iron-based hemoglobin for that same purpose.

However, in terms of psychologically speaking, humans differ greatly because we’ve evolved into creatures capable of rationalizing and thinking on higher levels (unlike other species).

Other mammals also possess intelligence but their intelligence does not rise above instinct like ours does; they cannot think about what they do or how their behavior affects others. That’s why some people call humans the thinking animal.

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8. How eternal life feels like?

Answer: The truth is we’ll never know until we experience it but some people say living forever isn’t necessarily a blessing.

Just imagine how painful it would be to watch your loved ones die one by one while you’re unable to do anything about it.

Most people don’t realize it but even animals experience grief when they lose a family member or friend. If humans lived for thousands of years, many people would also have to live with that same pain over and over again.

Sometimes I wonder if my love for certain things today is because I won’t get a chance to experience them again in another lifetime which makes me appreciate every moment I’m able to spend doing what I love most right now more than ever before.

9. Is the soul immortal?

Answer: It’s an interesting question perhaps one of my favorites. I like to say yes, however, because there’s no proof suggesting otherwise.

In fact, reincarnation is a very interesting theory and some people even claim to have been able to remember their past lives.

However, since we have yet to find concrete evidence of an immortal soul it’s hard for me to speculate on what happens when we die or whether or not it will ever happen in our lifetime. Until then though, who knows?

Maybe death isn’t as bad as we all thought and maybe our loved ones don’t cease to exist just because they’ve passed away.

10. Can we understand the mystery of existence?

Answer: Truthfully, we don’t know and since we won’t ever know for sure it’s pointless to speculate on what will happen in our lifetime.

However, there are many things we can do today to understand and appreciate life more than ever before!

For example, we can appreciate every single moment of our lives because we might not get a chance to experience them again. If humans lived forever then death would become just another thing in life like breathing or eating.

Just another part of life that needs to be dealt with when necessary. But if at all we come to a stage to under the mystery of existence, it’s only be possible with science. 

I myself still believe there is no end to science…that one day our curiosity will get us closer to finding out how everything works maybe even answering what happens after death. I hope for peace for everyone until then though.

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Questions that make you think deeply about life

Questions that make you think deeply about life Provoking Answers to the questions that make you think deeply about life

11. How closer are we to the truth?

Answer: Truthfully, we’re just as far from it now as we were 100 years ago. I do believe humanity is getting closer to discovering what happens after death though and why everything is the way it is.

Many countries today have realized how important science is and have made it a priority for future generations to continue researching and developing new things.

In fact, ever since humans started walking on two legs (around 2 million years ago) they’ve advanced more in their lifetime than they would have had they stayed on all fours.

Some people believe that’s why many religions today place an emphasis on helping others; some people even say it’s our civic duty to help one another because if everyone did then no one would suffer alone.

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12. Why is the Universe so breathtaking?

Answer: I’m not sure there is a true answer to that question. I know many people believe it’s all because of random chance but I tend to disagree. I don’t believe in random chance at all. 

In fact, I like to say everything happens for a reason and that we’re simply looking for those reasons as we move forward as a species.

In fact, many ancient civilizations (including our own) believed we were put here on Earth with an important mission; something greater than ourselves.

At times it can feel like life is full of random events and coincidences but over time we’ve started to realize things happen for a reason and everything has its place and purpose.

13. Why is there evil in our world?

Answer: That’s one of the good questions that make you think deeply, and that I don’t have an answer to just yet. I tend to believe it’s because we’re all human and so we carry within us everything humans possess; good and bad, right and wrong.

However, I do feel we can move away from evil as we evolve as a species and realize what effect our actions have on others and on ourselves.

In fact, many great thinkers believed peace was possible for humanity…but they also believed peace would only happen when every man understood war. Until then though, evil will continue to exist in our world just like it did before many great leaders of today were born.

14. What is our purpose in life?

Answer: My personal take on our purpose in life is to help one another. I believe we’re all here for a reason and it’s up to us to figure out what exactly that reason is, through science, religion, prayer, meditation, or whatever path helps you stay happy and fulfilled; then follow it!

However, I do feel like if everyone was doing what they loved then fewer people would be depressed and less time would be spent worrying about everything else.

I’ve realized over time (and especially after reading many inspirational stories) that many times people don’t fail because of what happens but because of how they respond to their attitude!

I strongly believe if people could just focus more on their attitudes rather than their circumstances everything would be so much easier to deal with.

15. What does an expanding universe mean?

Answer: One of the first things I want to say is that an expanding universe is entirely separate from a contracting universe.

The two are commonly confused but they’re actually opposite of each other. In a contracting universe, gravity increases over time and eventually pulls all objects into one point, creating a big crunch

 In an expanding universe, gravity decreases over time and eventually allows all objects to expand further and further apart from one another creating a big rip.

An example of a big rip is explained below…I found it fascinating because it gave me a better understanding on how astronomers discovered our Universe was expanding!

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16. How do astronomers discover our Universe is expanding?

Answer: The amount of stuff in an expanding universe isn’t changing – it’s getting further apart. But what is changing is our ability to measure how much stuff there actually is.

So, astronomers looked for areas of space where they thought matter would be gathering together (from gravity) and then looked for how much energy was in those regions.

If gravity was making matter clump together, then more energy should be in those spots than in others where nothing was happening.

They found more energy in certain places and concluded that these places must not have been empty after all.

17. Can we upload human consciousness?

Answer: In a word, no. In two words…no way. We have a lot of very smart people working on it but so far our brains don’t seem to be wired to do what we want them to do.

Our ability to learn and process information is incredible though! If someone remembers something or learns something, they must actually build connections in their brain (synapses) with which they can recall or repeat what they’ve learned. 

The brain doesn’t retain data like a computer; instead it writes its own code based off of everything it sees, feels, hears, experiences; essentially programming itself.

18. How can someone’s influence shape another’s life?

Answer: We all have an influence on others. Whether we realize it or not, we’re leaving our fingerprints and footsteps behind us as we move through life.

Sometimes those footprints are big and sometimes they’re small; but they always leave a mark (an impression) on those we meet.

It’s important to be mindful of your impact because one day those marks will be revisited – either by you looking back at them or someone else doing so. The question is what kind of footprint do you want to leave?

19. What does it mean to go into silence?

Answer: Going into silence means turning off all distractions and having a pure moment to connect with your thoughts and feelings.

It’s taking some time out of your day to really listen and appreciate what’s going on inside of you. As human beings, we’re always busy doing something or saying something but we often forget about actually feeling something.

Being aware of our surroundings, both internally and externally. We live in such a fast-paced world so it’s important to remember to get quiet sometimes – not just for others but for ourselves as well!

To me, going into silence is sort of like tuning out so you can tune in; putting down your phone/email/social media/etc. And refocusing on what makes us all human – what our senses truly feel like.

20. What makes us all human?

Answer: Our senses! We all have five senses that help us take in our surroundings and learn from them. Smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing – those are our basic ways of experiencing life.

But there’s a sixth sense as well your intuition! If you’re paying attention to it, it can guide you through a lot of tough decisions or even prevent you from making decisions at all if your gut tells you something isn’t right.

I’ve learned to pay attention to my intuition because over time I’ve come to realize it won’t ever lead me astray. In fact, it often proves itself as being right much more than wrong – better than any decision I could have made for myself!

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