100+ Impossible questions (about life, world to ask your friends, family and answer yourself)

Sometimes we get bored and think about some unanswerable impossible questions. Other times we’re so inspired and driven to chase our dreams.

It’s normal. Thinking about the philosophical conundrum? Wondering if your partner is right for you? Pondering about the nature of existence and your place in this universe? Or Waiting for aliens or God’s presence.

In whichever mood or mindset you are in Wherever you’re going in life, you’ll never get there if you don’t ask yourself the right questions. 

In fact, life can feel like one big impossible question and answer session sometimes.

In this article, there are different types of impossible question answers about life, world, universe, space, existence, reality, society and everything  that makes sure you always have something to ask yourself.

Whether it’s about your spiritual life or your intellectual life, Answer some of these impossible questions to the best of your ability and move forward with greater confidence.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference these questions will make in your ability to set goals and accomplish them successfully.

Before that let’s understand,

What are impossible questions?

An impossible question is a question that cannot be answered without proven evidence.

These impossible questions are designed from observing the reality of nature and the intention to keep you thinking. 

These impossible questions can only be answered by scientific experts with consistent investigation and proven results.

Let’s dive in. Here is a list of more than 100 Impossible questions about everything that make you think and keep you up at night.

100+ Impossible Questions


The following are some of the greatest impossible questions:

1. Does consciousness reveal the secrets of the human psyche?

2. How complex is the nature of existence?

3. Why do humans search for Intelligent Aliens?

4. What makes the universe fascinating?

5. Is God dead?

6. Can religion overtake Science?

7. What should people believe in?

8. How to become God?

9. What makes humans, animals and animals, humans?

10. Is everything nothing?

11. Does cosmology find the meaning?

12. Who are you when you’re not who you think you are?

13. What is the true self?

14. What happens if we discover the elixir of life?

15. Is Death peaceful?

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Impossible questions to answer


Here is a list of impossible questions to answer:

1. Why was I born to my parents but not to others?

This is one of the mind blowing impossible questions to answer.

No one can understand why the chances of being born to certain parents are higher than the chances of being born to others.

2. Why are we here?

We ask this question but we don’t know how to answer it. Does it mean that we are just stuck in this world and there’s no point in doing anything?

Or is there a purpose for our lives? Nobody knows. 

3. Can I change my destiny if it’s already predetermined?

What if there’s nothing I can do about it? What should I do then?

These are some other confusing questions. You will be very frustrated because nobody has been able to provide you with any satisfying answers. 

4. Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?

This is such a funny impossible question you can’t answer it. Well, maybe he burns his chin every day with a campfire.

Maybe he uses any sharp objects in the forest to shave his beard. Or maybe he had genetic issues or something like that.

There are many possibilities but none of them will make sense if you think about it too much or for sure you can know the answer if you ask the film director of Tarzan.

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5. What if everyone wants to live forever? 

How would they manage the Earth’s resources? Who would want to die now knowing that they could live longer with the help of modern technology? 

And what would happen when people run out of food and water as well as space on Earth? Do you have any practical answer to this unanswerable question?

6. How to live forever without food or water?

This is one of the impossible questions no one can answer.

The possibility of living without eating and drinking sounds unrealistic because we need both to survive.

However, it might not be impossible after all because there are animals who can survive for months without eating at all!

7. How to communicate with the aliens if they come to earth?

Not only you but no one can answer this question unless you are an expert of extraterrestrial life forms.

So far, no one has contacted us from outer space so we may never know the answer to this question.

8. Where does your soul go when you die?

Is it true that when someone dies their soul leaves their body and flies away? If so, where does it fly off to?

And if the person was cremated, where does their soul go then?

Many people believe that death is the end of everything but many also believe that the soul lives on even after death. Do you have an answer to this deep philosophical question?

9. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Again this is one of the stupid and weird impossible questions to answer. Morality refers to good behavior while electrons refer to physical particles inside an atom.

Of course, this sentence makes no sense because the word moron refers to a person who is intellectually disabled.

10. When will God come to visit us?

This is such an important question you can’t answer. It’s unclear whether god exists or not. If god exists, what form does it take?

Will god ever show up? Some people say yes but others say no. Only existence itself knows the answer to this question.

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Let’s discuss some of the most impossible questions with answers:

Impossible questions with answers


Here are some good list of impossible question answers:

1. Does God love atheists and agnostics? 

This is one of the impossible questions to answer. Because in order to answer that question, we need to prove God’s existence.

So, if we don’t know whether God exists or not, does this question really make any sense in the first place?

That said, Atheism and agnosticism are two of the world’s fastest-growing religious affiliations. According to the Pew Research Center, atheists and agnostics account for over 7% of the world population.

Since the 1990s, Americans have become more atheistic. 4% of American adults say they are atheists when asked about their religious identity in phone surveys conducted by Pew Research Center in 2018 and 2019. The number of Americans who claim to be agnostics has increased to 5% from 3% a decade ago.

On a sarcastic note, the rapid growing population of atheists and agnostics seriously reveal that God really loves them. Isn’t it? Otherwise why would he/she allow such people to be against him/her?

2. Why don’t we age faster when traveling at high speeds?

When astronauts travel into space, they experience a phenomenon known as time dilation, which occurs because of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The theory states that time slows down for people moving at fast speeds. This means an astronaut who travels into space and back experiences less time than people on Earth (relative to them). 

However, if you think about it, someone who travels fast on Earth also experiences time dilation.

Our planet is constantly spinning around its axis so anyone who travels very quickly over long distances will see less days pass on Earth compared with other places.

So if we can experience time dilation by traveling on Earth, why doesn’t it work in reverse?

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3. What if the universe was neither created by God nor the Big Bang?

This question remains unresolved, although there are a few alternative theories on how the universe came to be.

Some say that the Big Bang is not only a physical event but also an event of spiritual significance and that it gave birth to the universe.

Others believe that there was no start and no finish, with the entire cosmos being part of an infinite cycle or circle.

Still others argue that quantum mechanics explains how the matter of which we’re all made came into existence through nothingness and will eventually return to nothingness in an endless loop.

Whatever one’s beliefs, it’s worth acknowledging that for now, this question remains unsolved.

4. What is the meaning of life?

This is an age-old question and it is the most confusing of all questions people can’t answer; well, that’s what philosophers argue anyway. 

Is the meaning of life something inherent to humans? Or is it something that we give ourselves? Or is there no meaning to life at all?

These are questions best left for philosophers to mull over in this age old question that has yet to be solved.

5. How can people justify their actions when they cause other suffering? 

Questions about morality seem to be impossible questions to answer since each person values things differently which causes problems when making moral decisions.

And it doesn’t help that no one ever has enough knowledge about the consequences of his/her actions before acting on them.

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6. Who am I?

Your first thoughts about who you are might be determined by things like the family you were born into or what religion you follow or maybe where you live.

But are those answers enough? Who am I really? Is it possible to ever figure out who we truly are or is this just another question with no answer that drives humanity mad? Only time will tell.

7. How does a brain make the mind?

The function of the mind is undoubtedly baffling. So, how does the brain make the mind? It’s a question that is full of paradoxes and it is one that no one can answer. 

8. Why are we here? 

This question is among the questions that people usually ask but never get answers to.

All we know is that there must be a reason for us to exist on this earth, but no one really knows why.

9. What influences a dream?

Dreams are those fragmented images and stories we see when we sleep. But how do they form?

And why do we dream in the first place? Those are questions science cannot answer, leaving it to individual interpretation.

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Impossible questions that cannot be answered


The following are some great list of impossible questions that cannot be answered:

1. What is the purpose of the soul? 

2. Why are we afraid of the unknown?

3. Do we feel pain when we die?

4. Do we able to know that we are dead when we die?

5. What happened to those species which died?

6. What if death means merely changing from one state of living to another?

7. If this is true, what does it mean for everything that lives and breathes now?

8. What happened to those who died and disappeared from existence?

9. How does our whole view on life change when our perception of death changes? 

10. Is evil inherent or extrinsic to humans?

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How to answer impossible questions?

You can only answer impossible questions about your own life or experiences in your own unique way and in your own unique way at your own pace until you figure out what works for you.

However, mostly the unanswerable impossible questions need to be answered by investigation, testing and then by providing evidence.

but here are some ways you might try:

* Try asking people who know more than you do what they think the answer is — if they answer the question with a proven scientific method, then that’s probably right!

* If possible, try asking someone who actually knows the answer (e.g., a teacher) — if this doesn’t work, then maybe it means their answer wasn’t right after all!

* Sometimes just thinking about what the answer should be helps you figure out how to find it — try writing down all of your thoughts on paper and see if anything pops out at you later as an idea for an answer.

Nearly impossible questions


Here are some of the most nearly impossible questions that no one can answer:

1. Why are we lonely?

2. What if there is no love?

3. Why is there so much hate?

4. What is the point of it all?

5. Why is there death?

6. What is the purpose of life?

7. Where do we go after death?

8. When will the Earth end?

9. Why are there good and bad people in this world?

10. How do we achieve immortality? 

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Impossible questions to ask your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or family members


Here is a list of Impossible questions to ask your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or family members:

1. Is it possible to travel back in time, like in Harry Potter, or take over a different body, like in Doctor Strange (2016)?

2. If you go to sleep tonight, how much of you is going to wake up tomorrow morning (or tomorrow night)?

3. Will artificial intelligence replace humans as the dominant species on Earth someday soon?

4. Do you believe in God? Why or why not?

5. Do you think we are alone in the universe?

6. Is there heaven and hell? If so, what do they look like? 

7. What is the meaning of living and dying for no reason?

8. What is the purpose of existence?

9. Why does everything exist?

10. Is there any possibility of angels living on earth?

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Impossible questions of the day


These are some best impossible questions of the day:

1. Where is everybody?

2. Why does the one thing that defines us also destroy us?

3. Does a creator exist and, if so, why does he/she allow for evil to happen in this world?

4. What’s the meaning of life and is it worth it to continue on? 

5. What if I died tomorrow?

6. What is beauty?

7. Who am I really?

8. Why am I here instead of anywhere else in the world (or elsewhere)?

9. Will anything change if society doesn’t change how we see beauty standards and instead keep judging people based on how they look?

10. How was the earth created? How were humans created (and why)?

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Funny impossible questions


Here are some of the most hilarious and funny impossible questions:

1. Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes before they bit him and caused all that trouble with insects getting onto both of his shoulders at once?

2. Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

3. If flying is so safe, why do they call their planes Air Force One? 

4. What hair color do they put on driver’s licenses to indicate baldness? 

5. Did Noah keep his bees in Ark 2 or was he just planning ahead?

6. How did they convince North Korea and South Korea to compete in the Olympics instead of war-dancing each other into submission?

7. If corn oil is made from corn, then what does baby oil come from?

8. How can a three-year old be going on four?

9. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

10. Who buys powdered water?

Impossible yes or no questions


Here is a list of impossible Yes or No questions to answer:

1. Are you an Alien?

2. Would you die for your partner?

3. Does life exist on any other planets in the universe?

4. Do you drink poison if I ask you to?

5. Can people live without physical contact with others?

6. Is there any single solution to all the impossible questions?

7. Are there any proven methods to find ghosts and angels?

8. Can you become immortal?

9. Does anyone know what happens after death?

10. Would there be only one type of gender anywhere in the universe? 

Impossible questions about life, society and world


Here is a list of Impossible questions to answer about life, world, society and people in general.

1. Why does it take a lifetime to figure out what you want to do with your life, but it takes a minute to decide what you don’t want?

2. How does society and media influence us ?

3. How do we prepare for the future?

4. What is the point of being a better person? 

5. What is the significance of our existence? 

6. How can we use science to find the answers to all these questions? 

7. Do you have any idea about life’s greatest mystery and questions? 

8. How can we solve these unsolvable mysteries and life’s greatest questions, if there are no known answers to them?

9. Why are there so many unanswered and possible questions in life?

10. What is the perfect society?

Impossible would you rather questions


Here is a list of impossible would you rather questions:

1. Would you rather die today or live forever?

2. Would you rather eat only one type of food or drink only alcohol for the rest of your life?

3. Would you rather be a god or demon?

4. Would you rather make a hundred babies or pet one thousand dragons?

5. Would you rather sleep without closing your eyes or stand on one leg for one year?

6. Would you rather time travel or be stuck only in one moment?

7. Would you rather walk or run on the surface of the sun?

8. Would you rather smell hydrogen sulfide or eat your own shit?

9. Would you rather kill someone or dare to suicide if you have no choice?

10. Would you rather create another universe or live alone on the moon?

Impossible trivia questions


Here is a list of impossible trivia questions:

1. Which is the only city to have been host to five different games of the Olympic Games?

2. How much water is in the Great Salt Lake?

3. How many miles long is the Nile River Delta?

4. What was the world’s first nuclear power plant?

5. How many inches does a human hair weigh on average?

6. Is it true that everyone knows how to swim, but only a few know how to swim well?

7..What is the most dangerous animal in the world?

8. How many countries have presidents?

9. Who shot Liberty Valance? (John Wayne)

10. What was the name of the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier built by the US Navy?

Impossible quiz questions


The following are some of the impossible quiz questions:

1. Which country does not have a president?

2. Name the number of countries in Africa which are not part of the Commonwealth?

3. How many countries are members of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)?

4 . How many U.S. presidents have died in office?

5. Who was the first man on Earth to fly solo around the world by plane?

6. What is one letter in the alphabet that cannot be used as a part of any word?

7. Which country was not part of either Europe or Asia when Europeans arrived there in 1542 (or some other time)?

8. The world’s largest toy store is located in which country?

9. Which of these countries has the longest coastline?

10. Who was the first woman to swim across the English Channel?

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