50 Questions you can’t answer (Thought provoking, powerful & funny)

You may think you know everything there is to know about the world, but the truth is, you only know a fraction of what there is to know about our infinite cosmic arena.

There are countless mysteries out there, and there are even endless questions you can’t answer. And perhaps that’s a good thing, as it allows us to ponder the infinite possibilities of life and our universe.

So here’s 50 unanswerable and mind blowing questions you can’t answer.

Some of these questions are deep and some are funny and stupid which will keep you up at night, or at least make you pause and reflect on your own existence from time to time. Enjoy.

50 Questions you can’t answer

Thought provoking questions you can’t answer

1. Why was I born to my parents but not to others?

This is one of the mind blowing questions you can’t answer. No one can understand why the chances of being born to certain parents are higher than the chances of being born to others. 

2. When will God come to visit us?

This is such an important question you can’t answer. It’s unclear whether god exists or not. If god exists, what form does it take? Will god ever show up?

Some people say yes but others say no. Only existence itself knows the answer to this question.

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3. Can I change my destiny if it’s already predetermined?

What if there’s nothing I can do about it? What should I do then? These are some other confusing questions.

You will be very frustrated because nobody has been able to provide you with any satisfying answers.

4. Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?

This is such a funny question you can’t answer it . Well, maybe he burns his chin every day with a campfire.

Maybe he uses any sharp objects in the forest to shave his beard. Or maybe he had genetic issues or something like that.

There are many possibilities but none of them will make sense if you think about it too much or for sure you can know the answer if you ask the film director of Tarzan.

5. What if everyone wants to live forever?

How would they manage the Earth’s resources? Who would want to die now knowing that they could live longer with the help of modern technology?

And what would happen when people run out of food and water as well as space on Earth? Do you have any practical answer to this unanswerable question?

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6. How to live forever without food or water?

This is one of the mind boggling questions you can’t answer. The possibility of living without eating and drinking sounds unrealistic because we need both to survive.

However, it might not be impossible after all because there are animals who can survive for months without eating at all!

7. How to communicate with the aliens if they come to earth?

Not only you but no one can answer this question unless you are an expert of extraterrestrial life forms.

So far, no one has contacted us from outer space so we may never know the answer to this question.

8. Where does your soul go when you die?

Is it true that when someone dies their soul leaves their body and flies away? If so, where does it fly off to? And if the person was cremated, where does their soul go then?

Many people believe that death is the end of everything but many also believe that the soul lives on even after death. Do you have an answer to this deep philosophical question?

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9. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Again this is one of the stupid and weird questions you can’t answer. Morality refers to good behavior while electrons refer to physical particles inside an atom.

Of course, this sentence makes no sense because the word moron refers to a person who is intellectually disabled.

10. Why am I here?

We ask this question but we don’t know how to answer it. Does it mean that we are just stuck in this world and there’s no point in doing anything? Or is there a purpose for our lives? Nobody knows.

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Hard questions you can’t answer

The following are some of the Difficult and hard questions you can’t answer

11. How did the Egyptians create their pyramids with only manpower and ropes made from tree bark?

12. When will our sun become a planet?

13. Why do we have five fingers on each hand but not twenty five?

14. Does space make a gesture that humans can’t decipher?

15. Which direction should you go if there is no sign board?

16. Is infinity greater than or less than zero?

17. Why is north called north and south called south?

18. What makes up nothing?

19. Is it possible to break glass by just looking at it hard enough?

20. How to disappear from existence forever without dying?

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Deep questions you can’t answer


Here are some very good deep questions that you cannot answer:

21. What makes animals, animals and humans, human beings? 

22. If there is no hydrogen in the universe what element will replace it? 

23. How to survive in a deserted desert without water for more than a decade? 

24. Why do we say grandma’s apple pie instead of grandma’s apple? 

25. How do astronauts eat when they are out of earth’s atmosphere? 

26. Why does time seem to go faster as we get older? 

27. Where did numbers come from? 

28. Why does my stomach growl even if I am not hungry? 

29. Who was the first person on Earth and why did he/she need food?

30. What would happen if everyone who lived on Earth walked around all at once? 

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Funny questions you can’t answer


Here is a list of Questions you can’t answer funny

31. Where did I put my keys?

32. If a statue in the park represents someone who saved a city from destruction, but you don’t know what the person did, does it make sense to still thank them? 

33. Why do they put Braille on drive-through ATMs? 

34. Why doesn’t 100-proof alcohol freeze? 

35. Why is there an expiration date on sour cream? What’s so special about that day? 

36. Why do they call it after dark when it really is after light? 

37. Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii? 

38. What makes a Ritz cracker different from any other cracker? 

39. If toilet paper is folded over four times, how many layers do you have on your butt? 

40. How much would it cost for me to get six kids out of college at the same time? 

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41. Why is bra singular and panties plural? 

42. When did gay start meaning happy and not homosexual? 

43. Who made up all these rules for dating anyway? 

44. Why are three pairs of underpants called a six pack? 

45. When we send clothes to third world countries, why do we always include instructions on how to wash them? 

46. What is the best way to blow dry wet hair? 

47. What should you wear to bed if you want to look sexy in the morning? 

48. What color nail polish should I wear with a black tuxedo? 

49. Why are goldfish orange even though their food isn’t orange? 

50. Which came first: the chicken or the egg?




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