How to get over someone faster: 7 Practical steps with 50 tips.

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By: Naveen B

When you love someone, they become an important part of your life, but sometimes the relationship doesn’t go as you had expected.

You fall in love with them, but they do not notice you or are not interested in having a serious relationship with you. But no matter how much time has passed since you broke up with your ex.

The pain of separation will remain until you get over your feelings for this person and move on with your life. What to do if you cannot get over someone? How to get over someone faster and quickly?

Getting over someone you love can be difficult, especially if you’ve been married and together for a long time and/or share a child together.

The truth is that it takes time to get over someone you love, but there are strategies that can help you move on more quickly from your relationship with them.

In order to cope with the past hurt, there are several key things to keep in mind that will help speed up the process of healing from your breakup. 

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In this complete guide, I have put together 7 practical steps with 50 important tips that will help you deal with it better and get over someone you love quickly and easily.

How to get over someone faster?

How to get over someone faster and quickly? You can’t really get over someone that fast, but what you can do is try to manage your feelings about them.

Although it’s natural for love and desire for an ex-partner to linger, if you try too hard to push those feelings away or distract yourself from them, they can come back in full force when you least expect it.

The main way you can learn how to get over someone is by accepting that your feelings are valid—in other words, acknowledge that they exist—and allow yourself time and space (including space from your ex) so that you don’t act on them impulsively.

The more distance between you and your ex, both physically and emotionally, will help calm those lingering feelings down even more. 

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7 Steps to get over someone quickly

how to get over someone quickly How to get over someone faster: 7 Practical steps with 50 tips.

Here are 7 steps on how to get over someone quickly:

Step 1: Throw Out All Reminders Of Them

By removing any reminders of your ex from your home, you reduce their presence in your daily life. Even a random post-it note with a text message scribbled on it can trigger a flood of emotions every time you see it. 

Don’t worry, once you’ve thrown everything out there won’t be anything left for them to come back into your mind randomly. 

The second something triggers a memory that brings up an old hurt, get rid of it immediately. Start fresh and you’ll start feeling better as soon as possible. 

10 Tips to get rid of all reminders of your ex.

1. Throw it out or give it away.

2. Cut up pictures, burn letters, etc.

3. When they’re physically gone you won’t miss them as much.

4. Stop listening to songs that remind you of them.

5. Think about something else when their name comes up in conversation or text message.

6. Learn how to enjoy life without your ex.

7. Accept what happened and what you can’t change.

8. Don’t try to win back an ex, don’t stalk them, and avoid gossiping.

9. Treat yourself kindly and focus on how you want others to treat you.

10. Love yourself more than anyone else could ever love you 

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Step 2: Block Them On Facebook And Delete Their Number

Easier said than done. Some people are still in love with their partners, even if they are apart.

If you’re trying to do something about your feelings for your ex, delete his or her contact information from your phone, block them on Facebook and Instagram.

This way you won’t be tempted to call or message them when you feel lonely. We all know how easy it is to forget about our problems when we’re distracted by things that surround us.

That’s why it is important not just at work but also in personal life not just when starting something new but also when trying to finish something old.

10 Tips to avoid stalking your ex on social media

1. Don’t Look for Them On Social Media When You’re Lonely.

2. Delete Their Number From Your Phone.

3. Block Them On Facebook And Instagram.

4. Don’t Read Old Conversations From Time You Were Together.

5. Remember It Is For The Best That You Two Aren’t Together Anymore.

6. Remember That Your Ex Has His or Her Own Life Now. He or She Isn’t In Love With You As Much As He/She Used To Be.

7. Focus On Other Things And Chose Not To Think About Them.

8. Pretend They Don’t Exist 

9. Talk To Someone So You Won’t Feel Lonely.

10. Do Something You Like, Distract Yourself.

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Step 3: Go Out And Meet People

Everyone knows that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but it’s hard to meet new people. Join clubs, take classes, volunteer—and don’t just go with your friends.

Meetup is a good place to look for groups you can join. Or if you have an idea for a club or organization you want to start with like-minded individuals, let it go on paper and look for members who share similar interests.

This way you will get a chance to meet new people and will be able to get over your lost love.


5 tips to go out and meet people to get over someone quickly.

1. You can try going out with your friends or colleagues after work for a drink or dinner.

Doing so would allow you to see other professionals who are also going through similar situations as yours and they could become your new support system for getting over your ex-lover.

2. Try going out for a stroll at night by yourself without having any particular plan or destination in mind, you might run into a few people and make new friends who would help you get over your lost love by keeping you distracted from your past relationships. 

You can also make new hobbies or interests which would take up most of your time and prevent you from thinking about him/her too much.

3. Visit some familiar places that he/she used to visit with you like their favorite coffee shop or local hangout spot; try not letting these places remind you of them so it would be easier for you to move on with your life.

4. Make a list of all their good qualities and think about why you fell in love with them in the first place. Try not to remind yourself of all their bad qualities which made you break up with them.

It would make it easier for you to stop thinking about them all together and move on with your life instead of keeping a distance from everybody else.

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5. Try reaching out to other people who are also going through similar situations. Maybe they could give you some helpful advice on how to get over your lost love and move on with your life. 

If not, then at least you will have some good friends who will listen to you every time you want to talk about your past relationship. 

 If none of these things work for you then it’s best that you try doing things that distract you from thinking about him/her.

Don’t hesitate in taking help from a therapist or a close friend who knows what to do in case something like that happens to them as well. They might have experience of dealing with cases like yours so take help from them whenever needed.

Step 4: Change Your Look Or Move To Another Town

An easy way to forget about your ex is by changing something about yourself. Sometimes you just need a new look, or perhaps you’re feeling bored with your surroundings and want to move somewhere else.

Not only will moving change your scenery, but it’ll also make it easier for you to meet new people! No matter what, take heart knowing that eventually, you’ll be fine without him and maybe even better than ever! 

5 Tips to change your look or move to another town in order to feel yourself differently.

1. Buy new clothes that fit your body type or colors you like.

2. Upgrade your hairstyle.

3. Go on vacation (for at least two weeks) and visit another town.

4. Change your phone number, email address, social network account – forget about your past life for a while.

5. Move somewhere else or change your job position. 

The more distance you have from your old lifestyle, even if it’s just temporary, will ease some of those longing feelings.

how to get over someone you love fast How to get over someone faster: 7 Practical steps with 50 tips.

Step 5: Look forward to the future with excitement.

For many, rekindling a spark with an ex or falling for a new flame is exciting and addictive. If you’re still in love with your ex and you’re planning on getting back together, try focusing on how great it will be once things between you two are better.

Remind yourself of what made your relationship work in the first place—even if that means remembering all of your relationship’s flaws! It might feel counterintuitive, but thinking about what you can look forward to can often make moving on from an ex easier (and shorter).

And remember: Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting; even if there’s no hope for reconciliation, nostalgia will help heal your heart. Just know that falling back in love isn’t always healthy and can even lead to bad decisions like cheating.

5 Tips to get excited about the future and get over someone you love faster.

1. Get busy with your hobbies, interests and work: This might be exactly what you need to take your mind off of him or her. Spending time with friends can also help you forget about what was once a serious relationship.

2. Focus on all of your current blessings: Cherish what you have now. Remember, when you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to overlook everything that is great about being single—and even about yourself.

Get out there and realize just how much awesomeness there is in your life right now that didn’t exist when you were in a relationship with your ex.

3. Be around people who lift you up: Don’t focus on your situation by yourself; surround yourself with people who support you and don’t place blame or judge you.

Be careful, though—avoid situations that might tempt you to vent about your ex or talk about how they hurt you. The more time you spend surrounding yourself with negative energy, the longer it will take for you to start feeling positive again.

4. Understand that your situation is not permanent: There are so many great, wonderful people out there, and you’ll find one of them soon enough. The best way to start is by letting go of your past relationship.

5. Remember that love isn’t everything: You might have spent a long time being totally smitten with him or her, but if things didn’t work out, maybe it’s because they weren’t right for you after all—not because you’re unworthy of love altogether.

Step 6: Stop obsessing over what happened

If you’re still obsessing about a past relationship or a past break-up, let it go. 

Thinking about how great your ex was and/or how much you wish you could have them back just makes it harder for you to move on and find someone else in your life who can make you happier. 

It’s time to stop obsessing and start thinking about what kind of person would make you happy in the future. It might take some time but when they do come along, I promise they will be worth every moment of sadness and loneliness that came before them. 

You were meant to be loved again by someone else someday, so give yourself permission to fall in love again.

Letting yourself fall out of love is not easy but it’s going to make sense once you get past this phase.

5 tips to stop obsessing over someone you love.

1. Remind yourself of all their bad traits: Everyone has some flaws and imperfections, but maybe yours loved one had more than you were comfortable with.

Listing out everything that bothered you about them might help you realize why it didn’t work out and give you a chance to let go.

Make sure to remind yourself of these traits during a moment of weakness when they cross your mind so you can keep moving forward with your life without missing him or her.

2. Make a list of what you don’t want in your next relationship: You can look at your old relationship as a template for your new relationship if you would like.

But it’s more effective if you think about what you need now instead of dwelling on how it could have been different with your ex. 

List out everything that was wrong or difficult in your last relationship so that you can notice when another person does these things.

3. Think about how great your life was before them: Before you met your ex, you may have been happy and living a good life. 

Make a list of everything that was going well for you before they came along so that it’s easier to remember why you deserve better now, even if they did make things exciting at first.

4. Set a timeline for when you should be over them: Give yourself a deadline so that you have an incentive to move on sooner. Tell yourself that by January 1st, I won’t be thinking about him anymore and by March 15th, I’ll have met my next boyfriend or girlfriend.

Setting a time limit can help you recover from your break-up faster since there is a set point at which you know it will all be behind you once and for all.

5. Delete their pictures/emails, etc.: Since they are still occupying space in your life now, their contact information (phone number/email address / social media handle) needs to go.

Delete everything they ever sent you (texts, emails, etc.) if possible; not only does it clear up some space on your phone or computer but it may feel better knowing that you no longer have something tying you back together with him or her if they try contacting you again in future.

Step 7: Bounce back and get over someone faster

It’s often a long and heart-wrenching process, but you can bounce back from a failed relationship.

You need time to heal, adjust your expectations and learn from your mistakes. Don’t rush it by jumping into another relationship too soon. Focus on getting yourself in a good place before taking on another serious commitment.

Many people make their next relationship all about getting back at an ex or trying to prove something to them—don’t go there.

Allow yourself time for self-care, meet new people, and take care of business so you feel ready when it is time for dating again.

5 tips to pick yourself up and get over someone faster

1. Accept your feelings of loss and pain. Understand that these are part of any breakup, but they won’t last forever.

2. Reach out for support, even if you don’t feel like it. When your best friend is in pain, they reach out to you—the same should go both ways! Reach out for help from friends or family, or seek professional counseling or advice if needed. 

Friends can be a great support when trying to bounce back from a breakup, but your main support should come from yourself and your sense of confidence that you can take on anything life throws at you!

3. Stay busy! Make a list of things you want to accomplish or try—go on a hike, learn how to fix something around your house, take a class at a local community college or simply read a book you’ve always wanted to pick up.

When you have lots of fun and interesting things going on in your life, you will be too preoccupied with what’s going on outside yourself to spend time dwelling on an ex.

4. Don’t look back too much: Sometimes it is tempting to look back at all those good times as a way of remembering why it didn’t work out between you two.

Don’t do it! Learning from past relationships means taking what was good from them, learning from mistakes, and moving forward without blaming yourself for mistakes made or trying to rehash what can’t be changed.

5. Don’t worry about who broke up with whom: In many situations, both parties come to realize that they aren’t right for each other anymore—sometimes it just takes some distance apart before people are able to see that.

It doesn’t matter who broke up with whom because you aren’t together anymore and there is no need to obsess over where the blame lies (spoiler alert: usually there isn’t any!). Move on regardless of whose decision it was to end things.

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