100 Funny questions to ask people

Sometimes you can learn the most about someone by asking them questions that are thoughtful and provoking, but we all have the same old ones asked over and over again. 

These funny questions to ask people are fresh, interesting, and will help you get to know the person sitting across from you at lunch better than you’ve ever known anyone before. 

In this article you will explore a list of 100 funny questions to ask people that might seem strange or bizarre, but that’s exactly what makes them so funny.

100 Funny questions to ask people


The following is a great list of 100 Funny questions to ask people;

1. Have You Ever Sent A Naughty Text Message To The Wrong Person?

Well this is embarrassing and at the same pretty funny considering how many times we’ve done it ourselves. 

2. After You Survive The Post-Apocalypse, What Will Your Job Be?

This is a weird question to ask people who have a wild mind. 

It could also be fun to see what they think others should do after the apocalypse-it would probably depend on who was asked.

What kind of profession have you imagined for yourself in a post-apocalyptic world? 

3. What is the best way to lick an envelope?

This is one of those dumb questions to ask friends that will have them laughing. If you lick it wrong, you’ll have a hard time licking it again! Haha!

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4. Did You Ever Lose A Tooth And Find It Years Later?

This is a really funny story to tell, especially if it happened when they were little. Make sure you talk about where they found the tooth because that’s always hilarious. 

5. Can You Hold In A Sneeze?

No, a sneeze is involuntary and uncontrollable so there isn’t any holding back once it starts happening.

In addition, ask them, if they sneeze with their eyes open, do the eyes come out? This can definitely lead to a funny debate. 

6. What Are The Most Used Words In Your life?

This one might be tough to answer but a funny topic to discuss.

We often use common words without realizing it and sometimes we don’t even realize what word just came out of our mouth until someone asks us.

7. Why do my ears smell bad sometimes, but my nose doesn’t?

This is such a dumb question that could only be answered in a funny way. 

However, you might have already been wondering what was going on with your ears and why do they smell sometimes? 

Well it is a normal thing that could actually mean nothing at all. 

The reason why some parts of our body can smell more than others is because different areas have more glands and sweat pores than others. 

8. If A Fruit Was Made Into The Shape Of Your Foot, Would You Buy It?

This is a funny question to ask people, and it’s a weird idea. Imagine walking around the grocery store and seeing a whole bunch of fruits shaped like feet. How funny would that be? 

9. What is the worst smell you have ever smelled?

Mostly, people’s favorite smells are the things that remind them of their home. Sometimes, though, it’s a chemical smell that feels too powerful to breathe in. 

What about you? What is the worst smell you have ever smelled? 

10. Do You Think Of Yourself As A Clown?

This is a strange question to ask someone but it does provide insight into what they’re thinking about themselves and their purpose. 

11. If You Were On Jeopardy, What Would Your Final Jeopardy Answer Be?

Always, The World, The Universe, and Pizza.

12. If You Had A Magic Wand What Three Things Would You Wish For?

This is a fun question to ask people because everyone has their own list of the things they would wish for. 

Some might be completely different from others or the same thing but in a different way.

Funny questions to ask a group of people


Here is a list of funny questions to ask a group of people (Online group chat, party, at meetings or gatherings)

13. If a doctor has to amputate my arm, will I still be able to play guitar and paint with it?

14. Is it bad luck for a bride to see her groom before the wedding?

15. How many animal bones can fit inside one human body?

16. Who decides what time zone we live in?

17. Is it illegal for a man to pleasure himself?

18. What do you call a fake noodle?

19. How many days can you survive without water?

20. If a person is standing on the ground and you give them $,, will they be rich or just more broke than before?

21. If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on top of a cat and drop it from a tall building?

22. Can you freeze cheese?

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Funny questions to ask drunk people


Here is a list of most hilarious and funny questions to ask drunk people:

23. Why do rats make sounds in your stomach?

24. Which language does the sign Exit mean something different depending on where it’s written?

25. What were dinosaurs originally called and why were they called that name at first?

26. How much would an elephant weigh if there were no such thing as gravity (on Earth)?

27. What is the best way to cut an onion without crying?

28. Why did they come up with smaller-sized clothes?

29. Does looking at your phone affect your sleep quality?

30. What are three ways that you could mix colors together to make brown paint?

31. Do you believe in ghosts that create humans?

32. If a bird poops on your head and leaves, does that mean it likes you or hates you?

Funny questions to ask dumb people

Here is an amazing list of funny questions to ask dumb people:

33. Can hamsters have babies if they’re male or female?

34. Would you be able to drink the poison of a snake in order to get rid of the fear of it?

35. What would happen if Earth’s magnetic poles reversed themselves?

36. What is your empty brain made of?

37. If someone was allergic to dogs, but then got over their allergy and adopted a dog, would they get sick again after being around the dog all day?

38. What happens when two magnets get close together (either next to each other or facing each other)?

39. If you stand in front of a mirror wearing sunglasses, can you see yourself wearing sunglasses too?

40. If I gave someone a penny, then doubled it every day for days, how much money would I have after days?

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Funny questions to ask people when your bored

These are some of the great funny questions to ask people when you are bored:

41. What color are giraffes in the dark?

42. Would you rather fight duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

43. Does anyone else hear pink elephants when they read this sentence aloud?

44. Where do mosquitoes go during wintertime?

45. How many birds did Noah take onto his ark according to Bible legend?

46. How often should I shower?

47. If the sky is blue, why isn’t grass red?

48. When the words unnecessary and useless share a common letter, which letter is it?

49. Why are doors so big if most rooms don’t need them?

50. How many fingers am I holding up right now?

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Funny questions to ask high people

Here is a list of very funny questions to ask high people:

51. What kind of animals swim backwards under water but forwards on top of water?

52. Why does cats “Meow” but not “BOW BOW”?

53. If I put you into the ocean, would you turn into sea salt?

54. If a bird is flying south for the winter, why doesn’t it get cold?

55. Why do men have nipples if they aren’t used for feeding babies?

56. Who invented the toothbrush and toilet paper roll holder thingy?

57. How come some days I wake up feeling good and other days I wake up feeling like garbage?

58. If you leave a chair out in the rain, will it eventually become a wet chair?

59. How long could you hold your breath underwater?

60. If a guy falls off a foot cliff, how high will he be above the ground once he starts falling?

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Funny questions to ask people to get to know them

These are some good funny questions to ask people to get to know them:

61. Why do humans usually walk upright on two legs instead of four like our closest relatives, chimpanzees and gorillas?

62. How does a dog know if I’m happy or sad?

63. If you had to watch one movie on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

64. What makes it possible for a satellite to broadcast TV signals all over the world?

65. Why do pigs have curly tails?

66. How can you tell if someone is really smiling or not?

67. What is white and goes round and round but never moves forward?

68. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

69. Why is chameleon skin color changing?

70. What do you call a baby crow?

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Funny questions to ask old and young people

Here is a list of funny questions to ask young and old people:

71. If a chicken has its head cut off, will it still run around for a while?

72. Is it true or false that if you eat bacon for breakfast, you’ll have great stamina and energy all day long?

73. . How long is the world’s longest toothbrush?

74. What would happen if you cut someone in half at the equator?

75. What do fireflies do when they go out of business?

76. How does a person get from one place to another without using their feet?

77. What’s the proper term for an alcoholic drink served in half of a lemon or lime shell after all the liquid is squeezed out of it?

78. Why does your breath smell like hair gel?

79. What do you call the plant that causes poison ivy and other rashes if not poison ivy or poison oak?

80. What if all animals turn into aliens?

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Funny questions to ask people about themselves

Here is a list of funny questions to ask people about themselves:

81. What is the most embarrassing sound that came from your body and that smelled bad?

82. Have you ever been inside a washing machine before?

83. Did you take the clothes out and then put them back in again?

84. How does it feel when your favorite song comes on the radio for the first time after hearing it for a long time on repeat?

85. Does anything make sense at all to you?

86. Have you ever eaten with the wrong hands?

87. Have you ever inserted yourself in the wrong hole?

88. What are some of your guilty pleasures?

89. What is one of the most recent things that has made you happy?

90. What is something that bugs you right now?

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Stupid funny questions to ask people

Here is a list of Weird, stupid and funny questions to ask random people

91. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent naked?

92. Have you ever peed on your neighbor’s walls?

93. Who do you think would win in a fight, Gandalf or Sauron?

94. Am I being annoying right now?

95. Will you be able to walk on your hands till you home?

96. Do you enjoy wearing flip-flops?

97. Do you have any fingers that eat your nails?

98. Why is your left body different from your right nose?

99. When was the last time you saw both of your shoes?

100. Is there someone special who makes you a monkey when they see you drunk?

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