30+ Questions that can never be answered

By: Naveen B

Mysteries are all around us and have been since the dawn of time, but we’re constantly coming up with new ways to solve them.

Sometimes, however, we come across questions that can never be answered and appear to have no answer at all.

Below, we explore Some of the world’s most mysterious unanswerable questions that continue to stump experts and laymen alike to this day.

Before that let’s understand,

What questions can never be answered?


The question “what can never be answered?” is most often used to refer to the philosophical concept of the theory of knowledge. A theory of knowledge is a statement about what is known and how it is known, such as:

“All swans are white.”

“Some swans are white.”

“No swan is black.”

“No non-swan is a swan.”

The word “knowing” appears in all these statements. It means being able to distinguish an object from other objects, or being able to identify that object.

 So, what are the questions which can never be answered?

There are endless topics or questions that cannot be answered that may be in the fields of science, philosophy, religion, art, history and psychology. 

Some of these questions are so important that we must accept them as true even if they cannot be proved.

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For example, if I ask you to prove that there is a God you will probably say no because it is impossible for us to prove that something exists.

If I asked you who created God then you would say that it is impossible for us to know because God is created by our minds and we cannot prove without a doubt what our minds think. 

Scientists have tried to prove the existence of God by using mathematics but they could not do it.

They could only find out if there was a God but they could not prove it with mathematical proofs; therefore, they believe there is no God.

Another question that cannot be answered is: “What is beauty?” In this world beauty has nothing to do with how things look or how they work; it’s something inside yourself when you see something beautiful.

It’s in your heart and soul when you see something beautiful like a sunset or an apple tree full of apples. You don’t have to know why beauty exists or what makes something beautiful.

Why some questions cannot be answered?

why some questions can never be answered 30+ Questions that can never be answered

There are some limitations. The first limitation is the “lack of verified proof.”  In order to answer the unanswerable questions, they must be experimented and verified by scientific methods.That’s why there are many questions that can’t be answered by us.

They may be unanswerable for us because of our own limited knowledge and expertise. For example, we can’t know what happens in heaven and hell or what will happen after death, but we have to believe them to be true.

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Another example is that we cannot know how God created the world in six days or when he created it; however, we have to believe that he did so as a miracle which has no scientific explanation whatsoever.

Another limitation is that some questions can only be answered by experts in their field such as biologists and physicists who study certain aspects of nature and life itself.

For example,

  • Biologists have studied animals’ bodies in order to discover how they work and how they live;
  • Physicists have studied electrical circuits in order to gain knowledge about electricity;
  • Chemists have analyzed different substances in order to understand the chemical properties of them;
  • Geologists study rock formations in order to learn more about earth’s history;
  • Astronomers investigate planets’ solar systems and galaxies in order to learn more about outer space environments;
  • Anthropologists study human social behaviors through different cultures around the globe and so on.

Despite the fact that each one is an expert in their respective fields, there are limitations to the human consciousness and our perception of understanding the universe in its actuality and reality. So, no one knows the absolute truth. (not yet)

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In this article, you will learn a good list of questions that can never be answered ( I have provided some possible explanations why we cannot answer each of these questions.) 

After reading, in the comment section, do share your favorite questions that boggle your mind and keep you up at night. Together, let’s uncover the mysteries of the universe through thought and reasoning.

30+ Questions that can never be answered


Here is of Mind bending questions that can never be answered:

1. How to know the gender of God?

This is one of the questions that can never be answered by people or by science. As far as we know, God has never shown (his/her/its) face to anyone.

Moreover, some believe that God has no form or majesty that we should look at, nor appearance that we should be attracted to him/her/it.

God sounds more like an abstract force than a human being. However, if he were simply an abstract force without form or appearance then would God still need genders?

If anything it seems more likely that God is neither male nor female and was created before the existence of either gender? What if there is no God? What if the existence and the laws of nature itself is God? What do you think?

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2. Can the dead communicate with us somehow?

The experience of seeing a ghost or a spirit is not an uncommon phenomenon, but it’s very hard to determine whether these sightings are real or fake.

After all, even though we have photos, videos and eye-witnesses from all over the world, we cannot be 100% sure if any of them are real. So this is one of the questions that can never be answered. Not yet.

3. What if there is no such thing as death to humans?

What if there is just life? Some believe that there is no such thing as death. They say that every single moment of our lives is actually just a phase, which eventually leads to another moment, and then another one.

One day we will return back to where we came from: full circle. So the end may not be the end; it may actually be just another beginning.

But the truth is we will never be able to answer this question. Because no one knows what happens after death.

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4. How long is an infinity?

This is such a mind boggling question that can never be answered. Because there is no end to numbers and because we use numbers to measure everything, everyone assumes that infinity must also have a number attached to it.

Because nothing could ever represent such an enormous amount of time. Yet according to mathematician Georg Cantor, who proved the existence of different levels of infinity using transfinite numbers.

There are many different infinities: infinite past universes (which existed before this universe), infinite future universes (which will exist after this universe), and infinite possibilities within this universe.

This theory keeps on going which leads us to no final answer. That’s why this question is impossible to answer.

5. Why was time created?

What is the significance of it? Does it have a purpose? What if we can change time, or go back to the past and create a new present? What if we meet ourselves in the future? What if there is no such thing as linear time?

Our understanding of time always changes, shifts and evolves. We keep trying to figure out the mysteries behind it. And there will never be an answer to this question.

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6. What happened before the big bang?

This is #1 mysterious question of the universe which remains unanswered and probably this mind blowing question can never be answered because of its uncertain complexity and the nature of present existence.

7. Will I be able to live with my loved ones in heaven after death?

We may want to believe that there is an afterlife and that when we die, our loved ones will join us there where everything is perfect.

The truth is that nobody knows for sure whether death is final or if it leads to something else, but the Bible makes clear promises of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

8. Do animals have souls? And Do plants have feelings?

Who knows ! It’s almost like saying do electrons have consciousness? – things we don’t even know about yet.

It might sound strange, but maybe we just don’t know enough about them yet to understand their capacity for feeling pain or other emotions.

Animals feel things too but nobody knows if they have souls- and many people who’ve had pet birds report that they seem to have distinct personalities yet no reports of animals having souls discovered.

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9. Is science evolving into spirituality?

There is currently a debate going on among scientists whether science has reached its limitation and now needs to evolve into a new dimension called spirituality.

Some say that consciousness and pure awareness are fundamentally spiritual rather than material.

While others argue that spirit or soul is merely an emergent property of complex matter, meaning that it isn’t really a separate entity. But it still remains unanswered.

10. When will the universe come to an end?

For the most part, scientists are unsure when the Universe will end. Theories vary widely in their predictions.

Some say that due to dark energy’s acceleration of cosmic expansion rate, trillions of years from now matter won’t exist and all stars will cease to shine.

But, this question cannot be answered with certainty even by science.

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Deep and philosophical questions that can never be answered by science


Here is a list of thought provoking and philosophical questions that can never be answered by science:

11. What is the purpose of death?

12. Who will judge me when I die?

13. Where is the end of time and space?

14. Why do clocks exist when they only measure the passing of time and not the changing of time? 

15. Can science solve the problems of society?

16. When will it end?

17. What is happiness? 

18. Who am I? 

19. What is reality? 

20. Do I have free will?

21. Do I exist after death?

22. Why is there so much suffering in the world, and who caused it to happen?

23. Who controls my destiny, and why can’t I control it myself? 

24. Why is the world the way it is? We can blame this on many different factors, and the end result is human beings developing themselves in various ways.

25. What is the ultimate answer to everything in the universe and in life?

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Weird, dumb, stupid and Funny questions that can never be answered


Here is a list of very hilarious and funny questions that can never be answered:

26. Can a sperm mate with an atom?

27. What will happen to an ant?

28. How would Robots give birth if they develop feelings and emotions and have s#x with humans? 

29. Why is water wet? 

30. What if nothing makes sense? 

31. Why is it called a big bang but not a loud bang? 

32. How long will it take poop if you were in another galaxy where there is no gravity and time? 

33. If people on earth called humans, then the aliens on other planets called?

34. What if we are neither humans nor aliens? 

35. Do we sneeze methane if we were on Titan planet?

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