200 Questions to think about

Questions are powerful. There are many questions to think about. We ask them to gather information, solve a problem, and inform decisions.

In academic research, or generally in life, the right question can lead us to an aha moment and shed light on otherwise confusing phenomena. What if we could all find unexpected insights in the questions we ask?

Life is about the little moments. Laughter with a close friend, watching children run through a sprinkler on a hot summer day, or sitting with your father during his final days.

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We can often forget that when we’re stuck in busy-ness of life and being pulled in every direction.

So, asking questions is the best way to keep your mind active. In this guide you will find interesting questions to think about.

The purpose of these questions is to elicit information about what is important in your life and the world around you. Keep reading.

Questions to think about

1. What do I need to know more about me?

2. If money were no object what would I spend my time doing?

3. What is my why?

4. Who inspires me most and why?

5. Do I consider myself successful today even though most people see me as unsuccessful?

6. How do I define success ?

7. What would I say if someone asked me how good am I really at my job ?

8. If you had one month left to live, what would you do with it?

9. If I wasn’t afraid of death, what would I be doing right now?

10. Do we have a purpose? If so, what is it? Why do we have that purpose?

11. What do you want people who knew you to say at your funeral? Will they say it now? What can you do to influence that opinion now and in the future?

12. If you could go back 10 years from today, what would you tell yourself now so that ten years from now, those words would come true for you as well as those around you ? Be as specific as possible.

13. How would you make money out of your life if you didn’t need it?

14. How would you describe yourself and what do you want to be remembered for?

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15. What is most important in your life and why is it that way? If not, then what else matters instead and why?

16. Why do we dream when we sleep at night or when we fall asleep during day time? Is there any purpose of dreaming or is it just a product of imagination with no meaning behind them?

17. What would you want to do if you knew that no one will be angry or disappointed? And you can do anything and everything without any fear of getting caught?

18. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?

19. Why do mirrors reverse right and left but not up and down? Why don’t they also reverse back and front? When we use a mirror to look at ourselves, we see right side first but left side last – why?

20. If you could speak any language, which would it be?

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Deep questions to think about

deep questions to think about 200 Questions to think about

21. Would you accept a free trip to space? What’s your most adventurous experience been so far? 

22. Should we really consider ourselves as humans or as individuals from different planets living on one big spaceship? 

23. How would aliens describe us and our society if they were visiting us today? 

24. If a child was left alone in a jungle with no human contact at all, do you think he/she could develop normally without going mentally ill? 

25. Do you believe that there is life after death, either here on Earth or somewhere else in the universe(s)?

26. What if there is no god?

27. What is real wealth? Is it money? Or something else? What makes you wealthy? 

28. Who are you when you are alone, with no one watching over your shoulder or listening in on your conversation?

Can you be honest with yourself in that moment, with no consequences hanging over your head for being honest or brutally honest about what comes out of your mouth? 

29. What does it mean to live freely and what makes living freely more difficult today than it was 100 years ago (or 500 years ago)?

30. What if I am just dreaming right now? 

31. How do I know my thoughts are not controlled by someone else? 

32. Who is controlling my thoughts right now? 

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Weird questions to think about

weird questions to think about 200 Questions to think about

33. If no one is listening to me, why do I talk at all? 

34. What will happen when i die? 

Am i alive right now? 

35. When did time start for me, does it exist without my perception of it existing or is time a perception that didn’t exist until it was conceived in my mind through birth and my first experiences with reality based on clocks etc.?

Like space what gives time relevance besides our perceptions of its existence because space still exists even if no human being can see or perceive it.

36. What if life is just a dream?

37. What will you do with $10,000 if you found it on road? 

38. How many times can you write something on sand with your hand? 

39. Which vegetable can live longer without any supply of water, sunlight or food? 

40. If there is no gravity than how does birds fly in sky? 

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41. Can someone who can see in darkness can also see in sunlight ?

42. Do we really know what happens when we die?

44. What if we could live forever and never age again? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

45. Can anything happen out of coincidence?

46. What if your name was actually your purpose in life?

47. If you died right now, what would people say at your funeral?

48. Do you sleep with socks on or off?

49. When was your last first kiss? 

50. If you had a lot of money what would you do? 

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Crazy questions to think about

51. If you could only eat one thing for rest of your life, what would it be? 

52. What’s your most prized possession? 

53. How many doughnuts have you eaten in your lifetime?

 Do we really die?

54. Is everything we know real? (Universe, Time, Life and etc.) 

55. If you could be any animal which would you like to be and why? 

56. What if gravity wasn’t here on earth anymore or what would it be like if there was no life left on earth and all animals died too except one human being? 

57. Can you control time with your mind or without thinking of something before it happened happen anyway? 

58. Do aliens exist somewhere else in space? 8. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?

59. Would you feel an earthquake if there was no one to feel it?

60. If a person did not have a shadow does that mean he could not be seen by others?

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Dumb questions to think about

61. Can you hear me if I don’t talk?

62. If tree falls in a forest but no one is there to hear it, does it make any sound? 

63. Is There anything wrong with eating Spiders? 

64. If your parents had never met, would you exist? 

65. Would you date your doppelganger (someone who looks like you)?

66. What if people who live longer than 100 years have been kidnapped by aliens and then they experiment them? 

67. What if all of us are collectively living in a matrix where time is being accelerated, meaning that 1000 years outside means less than 1 year inside it?

And during our sleep, we take trips into outer space and see how things work there and come back with new inventions and etc… 

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68. What if we are dead now and we don’t know it ? But since we never die we will remain like that for eternity ( or untill somebody finds a way to wake us up)?

69. What if our life is actually a dream? How would you know? Can we ever really be sure? We all have had dreams that feel real while we are dreaming them, don’t we?

Why can’t our entire life just be one big dream? If that were true, then everything that happens around us would be merely an illusion. Nothing would really matter as it wouldn’t even exist

70. What if you forget everything in your life and new life starts?

71. What if, one day, your friend just disappears and you never see him again? 

72. What is red and blue and brown all over? 

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Questions to think about when bored 

73. If time travel is possible, what period of time would you like to go back and visit?

74. Can food make you smarter? Why or why not? 

75. Is there life after death? If so, what do you think it will be like? 

76. What does winning mean in your line of work? 

77. How do different kinds of music make you feel differently on different days or occasions? 

78. Why is math important for our daily lives even though it’s considered more of a utility subject than an art-related one?

79. What if we could push a button and destroy all human life?

80. What is love? Can we really define it in words?

81. What if we live in an infinite parallel universe, and we can shift from one reality to another reality (just like changing channels)?

82. When you raise your arm up, at what point does it stop being you and start being me? Is there such a thing as a single you that can be broken into multiple parts? If so, then when do you become someone else? Do you ever become someone else?

83. What would you do if tomorrow you wake up and everything around you dissapears?

84. If we could know when we will die, would we change anything in our life?

85. Is it really worth saving money for your children if they may not exist when you need it?

86. What would you do if one day disappear all electricity from earth including TV and internet connection?

87. What if a friend is a just a figment of your imagination?

88. What if you are being watched right now from some extraterrestrial species? 

89. What if reality is just an illusion and we are all in someone’s dream? 

90. What if your entire life is simply just a part of someone else’s dream?

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Funny questions to think about

funny questions to think about 200 Questions to think about

91. Can someone disappear in thin air?

92. What is worst that can happen if I will push a button with red color on it?

93. If everything around me is not real then who am I?

 Would you rather rule one person’s life or many?

94. Can you remember your house number when you were 5 years old?

95. What is something more than 8 times bigger than earth?

96. Can we trust our senses? Is there a possibility that our eyes and ears are deceiving us?

97. What if nothing can travel faster than light? What if nothing is traveling faster than light?

98. Suppose you can make yourself invisible, what would be your first crime? 

99. Can you really know anyone from only one interaction with them, or is it always too short a time period to form any kind of real opinion of them as a person? How do people really perceive each other when they first meet, and what do they choose to reveal or hide from each other on first meeting somebody new?

100. What if your partner is an alien? How would you know? What are some physical signs you may have missed when they were in front of you?

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Questions to think about at night

101. Do you believe that life exists on other planets?

102. If time travel is possible what year would you go back to and why ?

 What is black color? Is it actually black? Or it is void/nothingness?

103. What are you made of? Are you an illusion or something else? 

104. Did I ever existed in my previous birth or not? If yes, was I male or female? 

105. Do you remember your previous birth(s)? Who were your parents then, friends, enemies or strangers? How was life then compared to now? 

106. Do you believe that aliens exist on earth among us humans in disguise for their own reasons (good and bad) ? 

107. Are we actually alone in universe or not ? What do you feel when thinking about outer space and cosmos ?

108. What if I’m just imagining all these people around me?

109. What if there is no life after death?

110. If everything is getting automated, what would happen to our jobs in future? 

111. What would you do with your time on earth if you knew you can live forever?

112. Is it possible that we are living in a civilization far more advanced than ours, and they are controlling us without us even knowing it? 

113. If you could steal all of your neighbor’s memories, would you? Why or why not?

114. What if every time you lie, God killed a kitten? Would you lie more or less?

115. If you could not remember anything that happened when you were younger than five years old, would you be who you are today? (Probably not)

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Strange questions to think about

116. What if every person in your life is actually an actor playing a role?

117. Would having incredible power mean that people respect or fear you? (It depends on what kind of person they are.)

118. If time travel was possible, where would you go and what would you do? 

119. Are most people more gullible than clever, or more clever than gullible? 

120. Are rules meant to be broken, or just meant for us not to break them all at once? 

121. What if we are living in a simulated world?

122. What is your purpose of life on earth? 

123. How did universe come into existence? 

124. What is soul and can we live without it? 

125. How do you know if you’re awake or dreaming right now?

126. What if we were just a figment of someone else’s imagination?

127. Would you rather be able to fly but be unable to talk, or talk but never be able to fly? 

128. Would you rather have $1000 in your hand or $1 million dollar in your pocket?

129. Would you rather be smarter and less attractive, or more attractive and less smart? 

130. Would you rather live next door to a really mean and evil man who is extremely wealthy, or next door to a nice kind hearted person who is poor as dirt? 

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Questions to think about in the shower

questions to think about in the shower 200 Questions to think about

131. If there was no such thing as money, what would be our form of currency?

132. What would you do if you knew that you wouldn’t fail? 

133. If your life depended on it, what would you tell one person in hopes of changing their mind? 134. What makes a relationship last?

135. Have you ever thought about how different your life would be if..

136. Why do we watch movies and not live them?

137. How does our purpose in life affect our happiness?

138. If nothing is impossible, what are impossible things?

139. What would happen if everyone on earth stopped doing their work for one day?

140. If you could know exactly when and how you were going to die, would you want to know? 141. If someone could go back in time and kill Hitler when he was young, do you think that individual would be a hero or a villain? Why?

142. What if there are seven people living on Earth? One of them is randomly selected every night to die, until only one remains? What do you do? How would you prove it’s true or false?

143. Is reality created by our subconscious mind, or does it exist independently? What would be required for us to know which was true? Why can’t we just find out once and for all with a test that either proves it exists independently of our own minds, or doesn’t exist at all without them?

 What if everything around us is just a simulation? 

144. What happens when we die? Is there any chance of another world after death? 

145. If humans can dream, does it means animals can dream too? Does it mean in our previous life we were animals or in future life we will be an animal again? Who else in our surroundings are dreaming at night with us and how does it happen in their brains without a consciousness like us? Would they eventually become conscious like humans in a course of time when evolution is going on or do they have been conscious from their beginning?

146. If you could make one person fall in love with you, who would it be and why?

Random Questions to think about

147. What if you’ve been abducted by aliens and put here for research? 

148. What if you’re already dead and you don’t know it?

149. What if I’m Hitler?

150. If you could time travel, where would you go and why?

151. Would you rather eat only gum or nothing at all? Why?

152. Would you rather have always worn glasses or never wear glasses? Why? 

153. Would you rather have a girlfriend for 5 years who is not good looking or a wife who is ugly but nice? Why?

154. Are our lives governed by destiny, are we living in a virtual world created by ourselves, are we just characters in someone’s book/movie/game etc.?

155. If everyone could live forever, what would you do? How would you live your life differently? What would you start doing and stop doing? How would it change our planet and all of us on it?

 What if your best friend is actually you from a different life?

156. What if during sleep our consciousness travels into future or past? Does time exist then? Or we are travelling in circles and we believe it is something linear and continuous…when it’s not!

157. Does our mind play tricks on us when we think we saw someone before somewhere else and we wonder whether it was actually them and so on and so forth….it can go on forever:) But I am still curious:)

158. What if our life is actually an illusion? 

159. Why do we love hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla over a plain hot dog? Why is it more pleasurable? 

160. If you were going to start your life all over again, what advice would you give yourself on your previous choices and how would that change things for you? 

Stupid questions to think about

 161. What if what we are seeing is all made up? 

162. What if our entire existence is inside a giant machine like in matrix? 

163. What if there are parallel universes or realities? 

164. What would you do if you were given 24 hours more to live? 

165. What kind of world do you want to live in after your death? Is it possible that an artificial intelligence would maintain your consciousness after death and let you live forever in an alternate world just like in matrix movie series created by Larry and Andy Wachowski brothers?

166. If you fell off a 100-story building, would you ever hit ground?

167. What if there is no tomorrow?

168. How many people are actually dead today?

169. Can my eyes be bigger than my stomach? 

170. How much money can you earn in one day without giving up your lifestyle for that day only?

171. If I gave $100,000 to everyone in Africa who donates me $5, how long would it take them to return all of it back to me by sending $5 each day?

172. What if one day we suddenly realize that everything around us is fake?

173. What if I died in my sleep and didn’t know it?

174. What if our whole lives are just a simulation run by a supercomputer somewhere out there in space?

175. What if when you die, you don’t go anywhere?

176. What if you never even existed at all… maybe you were just someone else’s dream?

177. What if life is just a show? Then who are we actors and what is our script? And, most importantly, Who controls our life?

178. What if in-spite of using our intelligence in every walk of life, in many situations, we are being used by others instead of us using them for our own good?

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Questions to think about life

179. Is Life worth living without belief in afterlife?

180. Why are we here?

181. What if aliens have already visited earth in ancient times? 

182. What if every time you fall in love, it is a different person? 

183. What if there is a chance that after death, your soul can never reincarnate? 

184. What if history was changed and Hitler won World War II? 

185. What if all people with schizophrenia are actually time travelers from an apocalyptic future? 

186. What if one day you woke up and everybody has disappeared from earth but you still alive with some robots? 

187. How would you feel if one day everything around you vanished? 

188. What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

189. When was last time you told someone how much you care about them? 

190. Do people make fun of you or do they see your worth?

191. How long have you been alive?

192. Do you have any phobias?

193. Are you happy? Why or why not?

194. What if all humans are actually an alien race? 

195. If you had only 1 year left to live, what would you do with your life? 

196. Do we ever come close to experiencing true happiness? 

197. Why do we die knowing that we will one day be forgotten and then it happens…we’re forgotten?

198. If everyone is looking for happiness, what makes people so miserable in everyday life?

199. Why is life unfair? Are there people who are lucky in life while others are not? Do you believe in luck?

200. Why is it important for us to know what happens after death? 

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